Yorkshire terrier training method

Yorkshire terrier training method. In residential areas, we can often see people walking with dogs, but at the same time, we often see dogs urinating and defecating everywhere, which gives us a great living environment. influences. If we train dogs, we can not only solve the problem of dogs urinating and defecating anywhere but also allow them to better integrate into our lives. So let’s focus on the training methods of Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkshire terrier training method

How to train Yorkshire terrier

First, respect the Yorkshire terrier and don’t call the name of Yorkshire when you reprimand it. When Yorkshire did something “not to do”, have you ever scolded Yorkshire’s name, “Little Bai, can’t”? In this way, it caused a kind of conditioned reflex for Yorkshire. When the name was called, he must have been scolded. Therefore, when the name of Yorkshire is called again, it will ignore it, and even run away. In the process of training, the name of Yorkshire should be called only when giving orders or praising Yorkshire. In this way, Yorkshire thinks that “name” is a very “happy” thing, and when you call it, it will immediately run to you.

Second, you should change the route of exercise from time to time. Don’t just move on the same fixed route every day. During exercise, you should prevent it from sniffing the excrement or other objects left by other dogs. Put dogs in places where people or other dogs gather to prevent infection of certain diseases. Dogs have a variety of exercise forms, which can be selected according to different purposes. Generally, pet dogs mainly perform health care exercises, while service dogs need special performance exercises. After the exercise returned. Drink enough clean water for the dog, dry the whole body with a towel, and brush off the dust. Do not feed immediately after exercise, rest quietly for at least 30 minutes, otherwise, vomiting may easily occur.

Yorkshire’s sports

Yorkshire should have proper exercise every day. Do not rely on the will of the dog owner casually, sometimes several times a day, and sometimes exercise once a few days. How to train the Yorkshire Terrier? The amount of exercise varies with the breed, age, and individual of the dog. For example, the distance for small dogs to exercise every day is 3~4 kilometers, while the fast hounds should run about 16 kilometers every day. Some small dogs, such as Chihuahua, Pekingese, Squirrel, and Shih Tzu, are small. If they are allowed to walk a long distance every day, they will often affect the heart due to excessive exercise. Therefore, it is enough to walk around freely at home every day. The amount of exercise. Some small dogs, such as Terry and Mini Pinscher, have a lively personality and require more exercise than other small dogs, so exercise should be increased appropriately. Some hounds, such as Afghan dogs, are best to run for more than 15 minutes a day. Before traction exercises outdoors, they should be allowed to move freely for a few minutes to defecate. During exercise, they should maintain the correct walking posture, keep a proper distance from the owner, and correct the front or back, or left or right walking habits.

Yorkshire’s life habits

It is easy to get along with members of the family, including cats and other dogs. But it is very clingy, so when introducing other new animals, you need to avoid it being jealous. Although he was only a small man, once a fight started, he didn’t fear to shrink back. As the child is too small, it is necessary to prevent the child from falling and hurting it when getting along with the child. Like jumping from high places, you must beware. Pay attention to your heels at all times, especially when closing and opening the door, make sure it has followed in. Like to play with children, and prefer to sleep on the lap of the owner. He has the habit of catching rats, and his coat is not easy to comb. It is suitable for apartment life and is a very good dog for fun. You don’t need to walk outdoors, just exercise for short distances; clean your teeth, eyes, and external ear canal regularly; brushing and dry cleaning is necessary daily, just keep the hair close to the ground. Head hair should be tied up; avoid eating hard food or biting hard objects, because it is easy to lose teeth.