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Do you have knowledge about dogs? Do you love keeping dogs and other animals as pets? Do you want to share your experience and expertise to other pet owners to help them out?

If the information mentioned above describes you, congrats, you hit the right page.

Dogiman is an online community of people who talk about dogs, love other animals, and are passionate about keeping them as pets.

Our website is a platform where you will get information about various dog species, how to train them, and interesting facts about them. 

Please keep reading to know more about our website and learn our guidelines for guest posting.

About Dogiman and the type of content we publish

Dogiman is a community of animal lovers. The idea behind this platform is to unite all the pet owners and make a community of them so that everyone can benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.

Here you will get valuable content about dogs and other animals; our website publishes quality content that eases pet owners’ problems.

We cater to common pet owners’ problems, most economically and practically.

However, sometimes there are multiple solutions to one problem; in that case, our team guides readers to choose the best solution for themselves.

In a nutshell, we only publish helpful and informative content for pet owners.

Our Vision and Work Process

Every legit organization has a well-defined vision, and we are no exception. Dogiman operates with a vision to become the largest platform to get authentic information about animals. 

Setting a vision is easy, but accomplishing them requires dedication and sheer hard work.  

To achieve our vision, we are focusing on providing only well-researched and factual data related to animals, especially dogs. 

The work process of Dogiman is transparent and designed to fulfill the reader’s requirements. 

Our team selects the post’s subject wisely and delivers maximum value to the readers. After finalizing the subject, we extensively researched the selected topic and gathered factual data. 

Dogiman’s posts contain only well-researched content; we always ensure that our posts shouldn’t mislead any pet owner by providing false or doubtful information. 

However, you should also take care before applying any sensitive information that could affect your pet.

Our Guidelines for Guest Posts Submission 

Here is the list of our content quality guidelines that every writer needs to follow to publish their post on our portal:

Submit Grammatically correct content only:

After effective research, the most important part is writing grammatically error-free content. No matter how detailed your data is, if you are making language mistakes, it will most likely not attract users and will become less trustable.

Once you finish writing, read your content piece at least three times for effective proofreading and making it more readable.

Nowadays, various tools are available that highlight grammatical mistakes and give suggestions to correct them. 

Writers are supposed to have excellent language knowledge when they are writing. 

One can use artificial tools to discover mistakes or take extra precautions before sending the post for publishing. 

Follow Search Engine Guidelines:

Writers need to be aware of search engine guidelines and write according to them. Content written according to search engine guidelines has a higher chance of ranking and being visible to read.

Numerous guidelines have been released by multiple search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

Most of them are common; writers need to take care of specific guidelines only relevant to the content.

In case you are stuck or not getting any idea about how to follow a particular search engine guideline. You can ask our team to get a clear idea about it. 

Write Animal Related stuff only:

Our portal has a loyal audience of pet owners, and they expect us to publish animal-related quality content only.

As we are not a general blogging platform, we recommend you to write well-researched pet/animal-related content only for our website to get your article featured here. 

To get an idea about our content, read at least 10-15 latest articles on pets to understand which type of content we publish and what kind of tone we appreciate in writing. 

For any queries, please get back to us, and our team will guide you.

Provide only Plagiarism free and Well-written content:

Writing plagiarism-free content is mandatory to get your article published on our website. We neither publish nor appreciate copied content that lacks originality. 

Content shall be well-written with the following precise heading and subheadings format. 

Before sending content for publishing, check Plagiarism with effective tools like Copyscape, and avoid using low assurance tools because they often give wrong results. 

Add Images in your post:

The addition of images makes content more engaging and easy to understand. There are lots of complicated topics that can be easily understood with the help of visuals. 

In each post, we require the addition of a minimum of one image as a featured image and one image for each subtopic, if available. 

While selecting pictures for your post, make sure they should be copyright free to avoid any unwanted action from search engines and third parties. 

About External and Internal Linking:

As per our web site’s policy, guest writers are allowed to attach a maximum of 2 external links to their posts. They should be a hyperlink in the author bio section only. 

Apart from external linking, internal linking is also necessary. Try to hyperlink at least one already published on our portal with your post for a better SEO score. 

Ideal Word Count: 

Word count depends on content type and its subject. We appreciate in-depth, well-written articles only; that’s why we generally don’t publish articles below 1000 words; maximum, you can write up to 3000 words in a single guest post. 

While writing, stick to the topic and don’t add unnecessary details to increase words. 

How to submit a guest post for publishing:

Submitting a guest post for publishing is a one-step process. First, writers/authors need to send us an email attaching their post in word format; then, our team will publish it after performing quality tests.

 The email subject shall be precise for unambiguous identification.

 Email Id: info@dogiman.com