The Difference Between Dog Boarding vs. Doggy Daycare

No dog parent wants to spend a minute apart from their fur babies. But professional commitments and other preoccupations require you to step outside and be away from your four-legged companion. You will hate your furry friend to feel lonely while you are away from them and no one else is at home to take care of them. 

Luckily, you will come across several pet shelters to take care of your furry buddies and offer services like dog walking Toronto. While finding a dog shelter, you will come across boarding as well as daycare facilities. Delve deeper to explore the differences between dog boarding and daycare and determine which one suits your beloved babies. 

Dog Daycare

A dog daycare will look after your fur baby throughout the day. It is ideal for pet parents who have to go to work or run errands throughout the day. But at the end of the day, you will be able to take your fluffball home and sunggle with them. 

At times, you will struggle to pay undivided attention to your furry friend even when you stay home due to an excessively busy schedule. Even in that case, you should consider sending your doggy to a daycare. 

Remember that your furry friend expects you to interact with them. We understand it breaks your heart when you can’t play with them or simply pat them on the head for being a good boy. But your four-legged friends get bored when you cannot give them enough attention. 

As a victim of boredom, your obedient fluffball might suddenly start exhibiting unacceptable behaviours like chewing and barking. A dog daycare is the perfect place for your pet during the day. If your four-legged buddy loves socialising, they will have the time of their lives making friends at the daycare facility. 

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding facilities will shelter your ‘pawfect’ friend overnight. Dog boarding is a safe and secure choice for pet owners when they are going out on a work trip or vacation. While you would love to take your furry baby along with you, it’s not always a choice. 

Dog boarding will ensure that your furry friend receives proper care while you are out of town. The professionals at these facilities will ensure your four-legged friend receives their food on time. Sending your dog to boarding will also ensure that they receive their medications on time, if any. 

Plus, your loyal companion is less likely to miss you if surrounded by his four-legged buddies. If you want to ensure a comfortable stay for your baby at boarding, you can bring them their bed and favourite toys. Dog boarding facilities will keep your baby safe even if you are gone for a week or more. 

Dog Boarding vs. Daycare: Which One Should You Choose?

You will have to consider your schedule and the needs of your little fellow to choose between dog boarding and daycare. A dog daycare is more suitable when you need someone to care for your goofball for a few hours. But dog boarding is a reliable choice when you will have to stay away from your fluffball for a longer time. 

Thankfully, dog boardings and daycare shelters have professionals to take care of your pet friends when you are away. Apart from the company of other four-legged friends, your good boys and girls will also enjoy other activities at these facilities, like dog walking in Toronto. Therefore, find a reliable dog daycare or boarding shelter for your little buddies’ safety, care, and nourishment in your absence. 


  • Who will take care of my pets at a dog daycare or boarding?

Dog daycare and boarding services have professionals to take care of your furry friends.

  • Are daycare and boarding services suitable for all dogs?

Daycare and boarding services are available for dogs of different ages, sizes, and breeds. You only need to find a shelter your fluffball likes to ensure they have a good time.