English Springer Spaniel training method

How to train the English Springer Spaniel, the dog is the best friend of mankind, this is understandable, don’t worry about its betrayal and harm, as long as you develop a good relationship with them, then he will accompany you all his life, guard you, dogs They are all very clever, don’t need to spend a lot of effort to train, you must understand the skills and methods, give them more rewards and support, and treat them like a child so that you can achieve the desired effect.

English Springer Spaniel training method

How to train the English Springer Spaniel

Exercise more: Sufficient exercise can consume the dog’s energy. After playing or running for a whole day, the dog would rather have a good night’s sleep than waste energy barking.

Bite the bones: If there is something that can block the dog’s mouth, they don’t have time to bark. The harder it is to bite, the more challenging it is. So next time when you are ready to go out, throw it to their favorite bite. Toys so that they can pass the boring time.

Use your brain: If the dog has something to do, there is no time to bark. Before going out, rub their favorite toys with your hands, so that your taste will stay on top. When the owner cannot be seen, the lonely dog ​​will spend more time searching for the owner’s taste on the toy and forget the barking.

Make a sound: For those more neurotic dogs, they will bark as soon as they hear something. If you can’t eliminate the noise of the environment, you might as well make some noises as interference. For example, when the postman passes by, he turns on the noisy vacuum cleaner to confuse the dog’s hearing. 5. Respond to it: Sometimes the dog barks non-stop just to convey a certain message to the owner. If the owner responds moderately and expresses appreciation, the dog will naturally shut up after the task is completed!

Training Springer Spaniel to use the toilet

As a dog’s nature, he is unwilling to be near his den. At the same time, the dog will find a place that is often convenient through smell and fix it. Therefore, as he grows older and expands his range of activities, he will gradually find a relatively fixed place away from his nest for convenience. There are two ways. One is to fix a place at home for the dog’s convenience, and the other is to not allow the dog to be convenient at home.

Why did the police dog pick Springer?

First of all, as a search and explosive work dog, it must have a strong physique and a keen sense of smell and be able to adapt to various complex and difficult work situations. Springer Spaniel and Labrador Retriever meet the above characteristics.

Secondly, these two kinds of dogs are gentle, lively, strong learning ability, obeying a command, faithful and reliable, and have been widely used in various countries in the world for work purposes such as drug detection dogs, explosive detection dogs, customs quarantine anti-smuggling dogs, security inspection dogs, and search dogs. Their unique physique and strong physique enable them to engage in search and explosion work for a long time under difficult conditions; at the same time, they are also the most popular and most trusted family dogs.