How to train an Australian Shepherd

How to train the Australian Shepherd. The Australian Shepherd’s personality is very docile. Among all the dogs, they are also relatively loyal to humans. Their docile personality is particularly prone to be abducted by bad guys. So we They should train their ability to distinguish others and other interesting abilities to bring happiness to themselves and ensure their safety. So, how do you train the Australian Shepherd?

How to train an Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Training

1. Personal training to strengthen vigilance

The character of the Scottish Sheepdog is too docile and kind, and can play with anyone, and is not wary. It is very easy to be “abducted” and “lost”. Therefore, the owner should strengthen the Scottish Shepherd’s vigilance against strangers.

The owner wants to take the Scottish Shepherd to a crowded place and issue a “waiting” command. Then, the owner will leave the dog’s sight and observe some behaviors of the dog nearby. Ask a person the dog has never seen to act as an assistant, and use food and toys to lure him to win the dog’s favor. When the Scottish Shepherd seemed to relax his vigilance, the assistant picked up the leash and took the dog away. If the Scottish Shepherd will follow him obediently, the owner should yell at him immediately, but don’t let the dog see him. Repeated several times, the Scottish Shepherd will be deeply impressed and will not make the same mistake again.

2. Training to prevent damaged items

The Scottish Shepherd is very destructive and loves to bite things, such as furniture and slippers. In addition to strengthening the training to correct the bad habit of biting things, the owner should also increase the punishment. For example, when the Scottish Sheepdog damages an item, take it to one place and place the damaged item around it. Once the Scottish Shepherd attempts to “cross the border”, the owner will immediately issue the “No” command, and then flick the tip of its nose to show punishment. Otherwise, ignore it to deepen the Scottish Shepherd’s cognition.

The origin of the Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd was developed in the United States. It may also originate in the Basque region of the Pyrenees between Spain and France. However, it is called the Australian Shepherd because it entered the United States from Australia in the 18th century. The Basque Sheepdog has a connection. Like most other sheepdogs, the Australian Shepherd originally had many names, including Spanish Shepherd, Shepherd Dock, Tracking Dog, New Mexico Shepherd, and California Shepherd. After World War II, with the popularity of riding western horses, the Australian Shepherd dog also emerged. This breed has gradually become known to people through frequent appearances in movies and TV shows through cattle and sheep, horse shows, and it has inherited multiple uses. And the characteristics of pointing ability make it popular in farms and ranches. The rancher kept cultivating this breed, so that it maintained its adaptability, keen wisdom, strong shepherd ability, and pleasing appearance, and finally won people’s love.

Living habits of the Australian Shepherd

After the Australian Shepherd entered the family and became people’s pet dog, its IQ has been far higher than that of its counterparts on the pasture. After entering the complex social interactions of humans, it stimulates its intelligence to develop further and makes it a pet dog. The Australian Shepherd is smarter and interacts with the owner more smoothly and pleasantly. Therefore, as long as the owner is at home, they should be treated as partners in life, playing and talking with them. In such exchanges, you will get unexpected gains.

How to train the Australian Shepherd to urinate at a fixed point

Teaching dogs to urinate and urinate at certain points is something that dogs must learn. For many novice owners, this training is inexperienced. How should we train dogs correctly?

1. Take a name

First of all, let’s give the Australian Shepherd a nice name. Simple names, such as “Peas”, etc. These double-character names are easier to remember for dogs. I often call it by its name and let it know that it is called it. After training, it will respond as long as it is called. The training is relatively simple.

2. Training time is important

If you want to train the Australian Shepherd to urinate and defecate more easily, then you have to hold on to the dog at 3~6 months, because this is the best training time for Thai dogs, and there is no time to train Teddy dogs. Too long, 15 minutes per training will do! In this “golden period” of training, the dog’s memory is generally better and easier to remember.

3. Set up “toilet”

Choose a place at home where the Australian Shepherd can go to the bathroom, such as the bathroom, balcony, etc. Spread newspapers stained with dog urine stains at this prescribed location, the purpose is to let the dog smell his urine stains, and then slowly form a habit of urinating and defecating at that location.

4. Guide the dog

The Australian Shepherd dog suddenly started walking around, smelling the ground and wandering around. Some dogs will make smaller noises, etc. This may be a signal that the dog needs to urinate. At this time, the owner can take the dog to the prescribed place and let it urinate there. If the dog does not urinate in the prescribed place, tell him it is not allowed, and then immediately clean up the phenomenon, do not leave the smell, to prevent the dog from urinating here next time.

5. Make rewards

Trained several times, in fact, Australian Shepherd dogs will soon be able to learn and remember. When the Australian Shepherd dog urinates in the prescribed place for the first time, the owner should complement or give a reward in time, so that the dog will know that as long as it is done and urinate in this place, it will be praised by the owner. And rewards.

Update time: 2021.8.31