Scottish Terrier training method

How to train the Scottish Terrier? Well-trained Scottish Terrier key is very obedient to the owner’s words, and it can also become a very powerful dog. How to train the Scottish Terrier? In fact, the training method should be professional and not irregular. Let’s train it. I will give you a brief introduction about how to train the Scottish Terrier.

Scottish Terrier training method

How to train the Scottish Terrier not to bite

Many puppies love to bite. The Scottish Terrier that I bought the home is very naughty and loves to bite. What should I do if a dog bites a person is quite dangerous, so you should be warned from a young age that biting is not allowed. , And the master understands that the master is the stronger party, and cultivates its obedience consciousness.

Scottish Terrier biting the owner

① Severely reprimand it: indulging a dog to bite at its owner will develop the bad habit of biting. It should be warned in time that it is wrong to bite. Even a small breed of dog has sharp teeth, which is very dangerous to the owner and must be taken as soon as possible. Get rid of its biting habit.

After a pet dog bites a person, he must immediately reprimand him, or hold his chin to reprimand, or roll the magazine into a tube and knock it on the floor with loud noises to intimidate him. These are all very effective methods.

②When the dog is quiet, praise it: After the reprimand, the dog will calm down when it is frightened. At this time, you should praise it well.

How to train the Scottish Terrier not to bark

1. Chewing bones to keep the dog quiet

If there is something that can block the dog’s mouth, then they have no time to bark. Moreover, the harder the bite is, the more challenging it is for the dog. So, when the dogs bark non-stop, throw their favorite bones first and let them pass the boring time.

2. play with toys to keep the dog quiet

Dog parents can first rub their favorite toys with their hands, to keep their taste on the toys. When the dog’s parents cannot be seen, the dog will spend time looking for the owner’s taste on the toy and forget to bark. At the same time, the fun brought by the toy also made it divert its attention and stop barking.

3. Chat to keep the dog quiet

Sometimes the dog keeps barking just to convey certain messages to the dog’s parents, such as loneliness, insecurity, etc. If the dog’s parent responds moderately and expresses appreciation, the dog will naturally shut up.

4. Small rewards to keep the dog quiet

If the dog doesn’t stop barking, the dog’s parent should immediately reprimand it with a firm tone: “Quiet.” When the dog no longer barks, the dog’s parents may wish to give some snacks or compliments to show encouragement. Doing this will let the dog know that being obedient and quiet can please the dog’s parents.

How to train a Scottish terrier to use the toilet

1. After the dog has eaten a full meal, smear a newspaper with the dog’s previous urine, and then, together with other clean newspapers, cover the floor of the toilet, bring the dog into the toilet, and keep saying “Urine” loudly. “Urine, poop” and close the toilet door. The dog will always think about it and grab the door or bark. Don’t be soft-hearted. Close the door for 15-20 minutes at first, then open the door to see if there is any stool or pee. If not, continue, say “pee, poop” and close the door.

Note: Remember to say the slogan to urge the dog to pee next time, so that when the dog hears this sound, he will know to do the excretion action.

2. After opening the door, if the dog has excretion, even if it is a little bit of urine, you must praise it greatly. Or prepare snacks to reward it. Dogs will remember to pee in the toilet and they will be praised!