When To Go Fishing

Best Fishing Times One hour before and one hour after high tides, and one hour before and one hour after low tides During the “morning rise” (after sunup for a spell) and the “evening rise” (just before sundown and the hour or so after) During the rise and set of the Moon When the barometer …

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Quick Answer: Why Naps Are Bad

Some studies have suggested that taking longer naps can increase levels of inflammation, which is linked to heart disease and increased risk of death Other research has also connected napping with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, depression and anxiety Are naps bad for health? A total of 313,651 participants from more than 20 studies were …

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How Is Milk Good For You

It’s packed with important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium and vitamin D Plus, it’s an excellent source of protein Drinking milk and dairy products may prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures and even help you maintain a healthy weight Is it good to drink milk everyday? Research suggests that people over the age of …

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Beyond Meat How To Cook

What’s the best way to prepare a Beyond Burger? Clean and preheat your grill (gas or charcoal) Grill your Beyond Burgers for three minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit Can you undercook beyond meat? Can You Undercook Beyond Meat? Yes, you can Cooked Beyond Meat should have a …

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