English Cocker Spaniel training method

Training the English Cocker Spaniel. Speaking of the English Cocker Spaniel, many people use it as the first reference when choosing a pet dog. Of course, after purchasing the English Cocker Spaniel as your own pet, you also need to learn more about the relevant training methods. So, how to train the English Cocker Spaniel?

English Cocker Spaniel training method

How to train the English Cocker Spaniel?

(1) In training, as long as you find that the dog is working hard to do what you want it to do, it should be praised with kind words and deeds, and sometimes it should be fed with some food to encourage it; while using threatening language or hitting the dog can only get the opposite result.

(2) The correct education and training of dogs is an art, and this art can only be learned by those who can really think and deal with it from the perspective of psychology; and those who do not act according to the laws of science, deal with dogs casually Dog breeders who even use dogs to play, make fun, or use dogs to tease and intimidate others will not only never train good dogs, but they will also train them into a bad dog.

(3) When training a puppy, it cannot be required to obey everything, just as it is impossible to make such a request to a child. But in the breeding process, the dog must be pointed out what is taboo against it. In this way, with age, dogs learn to obey. If a dog is found to do something that it is not allowed to do, he must be punished. It should be pointed out that the punishment here is not to hit the dog, but to shake the collar on the dog’s neck, sternly scold it or pat it lightly. But it can only be punished when it catches on the spot what it is not allowed to do. The punishment after the fact is wrong, otherwise, the dog will understand that what it does is wrong.

(4) During the dog training period, the owner should raise and manage the dog himself. When feeding the dog and every time you come into contact with the dog, you must be flexible, speak gently, and be generous. Coupled with daily grooming and cleaning, playing with the dog, gradually eliminating the dog’s defensive response and inquiry response to its own, familiar with the owner’s smell, voice, and behavior characteristics. When the dog expresses cordial excitement to the owner, the dog can be trained.

(5) The basis of various training is the unconditional obedience of dogs. This is what people often say to control and control their dogs. The most obvious manifestation of dog obedience is in the practice of “walking in” or “walking”. In any case, including when playing, the dog must immediately return to the owner when he hears a call or whistle. This requires training when the dog is young. If at the beginning of training, the puppy does not come back immediately after hearing the call or whistle, the owner should not punish him, and do not immediately tie him up or stop training immediately, lest the dog may associate the “approaching” action with his unpleasant mood Together; instead, reward more when it comes back in time.

How to train a cocker spaniel to urinate and defecate:

Before training the dog, you have to observe when the dog urinates. Normally, the dog urinates in the morning when you just wake up. In addition, if you find that the dog starts to sniff on the ground with his nose, this is also a characteristic of the dog’s urination.

Prepare a container for the dog to urinate and defecate: This is easy to be shallow, and the dog can stand inside. And the container should have some urine smell. Put the dog in a fixed place when the dog is urinating: If we prepare a paper box for the dog to urinate, this is when the dog is about to urinate, or when you see him urinating, you will put the dog in In the box, the dog will come out in a while, and you will carry it back until the dog can’t hold back the pee.

Once you see the dog urinating, you must put him in the prepared pee box and let him come out after he urinates. Repeat this process for one to two weeks, and the smart dog will learn. To let the dog urinate in a fixed place, once the dog urinates in a non-designated place, you have to give the dog some color to look at and yell at him, he knows that this is not good. Similarly, this process has to be applied repeatedly for the dog to remember.

Teach the Cocker Spaniel to “bye-bye” and “turn around”. Put the food that the dog likes to eat on top of the dog’s head, and tempt the dog to stand on its feet and adopt a “bye-bye” posture. On this basis, train it to turn in circles, and finally train to listen The command to “turn around” will rotate.

The purchase points of English Cocker Spaniel

1. For first-time breeders, it is best to read some information about this kind of dog before purchasing, and have an understanding of the shape and temperament of this kind of dog, to have a standard when choosing.

2. The English Cocker Spaniel has a broad face, flat forehead, obvious forehead, large and broad nose, large and bright eyes, the large distance between the eyes, and dark eyes and nose.

3. The Weigen part is very low, the ears are long and large, and they hang down on both sides of the cheeks, with medium-length fur on them.

4. Except for the shorter coat on the head, face, and back, other parts such as ears, neck, limbs, and feet, and under the abdomen have longer coats, and they are slightly wavy and dragged down.

5. The chest is deep and wide, the body including the back is strong and strong, the steps are brisk when walking, the steps are large, and the running is extremely fast. You can’t buy those who are weak, slow, and unresponsive.

6. The coat is dense and soft, silky, with wavy curves, which is one of the important characteristics of this dog. When purchasing, it is necessary to distinguish the quality of the hair. The hair is rough but not soft, which does not meet the standard of this species and cannot be selected.

Seven. This dog is a medium-sized dog, and its height and weight cannot be too different from the standard, otherwise, it may not be purebred. Puppies may not be fully developed, so as long as other aspects meet the criteria, smaller individuals can also be considered for selection.

8. This dog is a kind of good temperament, friendly to people, and very friendly to strangers. When selecting, carefully observe whether the dog has the above-mentioned qualities, if it is unkind to people or unwilling to communicate with people, Unwilling to answer, no intimacy, and it is not suitable to buy

Nine. The coat color of this breed of dog is generally black, brown, and golden. There are also variegated colors and markings. Don’t worry about it when buying.