Three reasons why your dog is “noisy”

I think there are many people who have been worried that dogs bark badly and are honestly noisy. There are various reasons why dogs bark, but if your dog is noisy in a housing complex or in a densely populated area, it may lead to troubles in your neighborhood, which is a problem that bothers the owner’s head.

Three reasons why your dog is "noisy"

This time, I will explain the reasons why dogs bark and the measures to be taken so that dogs can reduce their barking.

What is the reason dogs are so noisy?

In fact, barking is a normal behavior for dogs, as they have been bred as sheep dogs and guard dogs and have a job of barking in their long history with humans. That said, if the living environment changes between modern and old and stresses the owner and neighbors, it is necessary to train not to bark to avoid trouble. How you deal with it depends on the reason your dog barks, so let’s first consider which reason your dog barks.

Barking from alertness

Dogs that bark violently and continuously with chime sounds, noises, and signs are due to their alertness. When you bark at a person or dog you meet during a walk, you may be happy, but often you bark with caution. Also, from a human perspective, it’s clear that the dog has disappeared from the scene because the errand is over, but the dog has disappeared because the person who approached the house or himself barked! Thinking about it, I make it a habit to get rid of it by barking.

It is counterproductive for a dog to scold when barking with caution and anxiety, so if you stop barking and calm down, give a reward and teach that there is something you should not bark. Let’s.

Three reasons why your dog is "noisy"

Barking to convey the request

Communicating requests, such as wanting the owner to bite, hungry, or wanting to go for a walk, is one of the reasons for barking. This is because I thought that if I barked, I would be able to hear my request from the successful experience that my desire was satisfied by barking in the past. The owner may be ill or may be urged to use the toilet, so be sure to keep an eye on the dog’s barking and ignore it thoroughly, and do not respond to the dog’s begging.

Excited and barking

It can be fun or happy and uplifting and barking. It is expressed by barking happiness when the owner returns from going out and there is a visitor. It seems very lovely to express joy with the whole body, but if the owner reacts excessively there, it becomes more and more excited and can not fit. Instead of going to the dog immediately after returning home, let’s endure it and wait for the dog to calm down before chewing.

My dog ​​is noisy. What are the measures to reduce unnecessary barking?

Here are three reasons why dogs bark. Now that you understand why dogs bark, I’ll show you how to reduce the habit of barking.

Three reasons why your dog is "noisy"

Ignore it until it calms down

When the dog starts barking, as a countermeasure, calling out to scold “No!” Will make the dog feel bitten, so please ignore it without scolding. Do something else to keep the dog out of sight, or leave the room where the dog is, and wait until the dog calms down or gives up and stops barking. When the dog stops barking, please give a good compliment and reward.

If you keep quiet without barking, you will be rewarded, and if you bark, you will be ignored by the owner and continue patiently until the dog learns that it is boring.

Review of breeding environment

As a measure against your dog’s barking, check if the environment in which your dog normally spends is calm and you can sleep with peace of mind.

Is the dog cage on the window side? If you put the house in a place where you can see what’s going on outside, you’ll be wary and barking every time you feel like you’re bored while you’re away. Create a calm and comfortable environment for your dog by moving the house or blocking it with a curtain.

Especially in the case of outsiders, they are chained together and their freedom does not work, and they feel more sensitive than indoors, so they often bark with caution because they feel anxiety and fear. Even if you keep it outside, place it in a place where you do not feel any sign of people, not in a restless place facing the sidewalk.

Three reasons why your dog is "noisy"

I’ll give off the energy of the dog

Dogs tend to behave problematic, such as barking and vandalism, when they have excess energy. As a countermeasure, let’s dissipate the energy of the dog by increasing the time for walking and increasing the time to play with toys such as chewing and chasing the dog’s instinct. Since the amount of exercise varies depending on the breed and individual dog, it is necessary to identify the owner, but if you are still moving around after returning from the walk, it means that you do not have enough exercise.

Precautions when discouraging dogs from barking

I have introduced measures for dog barking habits and how to treat them, but none of them are immediately effective. Both owners and dogs need patience. Finally, I would like to introduce some points to note, such as measures that have immediate effects but do not provide long-term solutions, and methods that you should never take.

Useless barking prevention goods and punishment formats are less effective

It takes time to train a dog that has already become a habit of barking. Even so, if the barking is so intense that it bothers the neighborhood, you’ll want to quit right away, and you’ll want to rely on barking prevention goods as well.

As with the punishment-style discipline that makes a loud noise and surprises, it will be surprisingly effective at first. However, as the dog becomes accustomed to the stimulus, it is likely that it will revert to a noisy state. On the fly, neither is an essential solution.

In addition, it may break the relationship of trust with the owner, so it is best to refrain from using or doing it if possible. Use the barking prevention goods as a last resort when you can’t help, such as when the barking is too bad and you receive an eviction order or a police report.

Never hit!

If the dog’s barking continues for a long time, it is absolutely NG to hit the dog because it may be frustrating to say “Noisy!” Or it may be a nuisance to the neighborhood.

Never teach by hitting. Not only will the relationship of trust with the owner be broken, but the dog may also feel more stressed and frightened and bark more wastefully.

If you feel that you can’t help yourself, you can get the help of a professional. If your dog trainer has a high hurdle, you can ask your veterinarian for advice.

Understand the feelings of dogs and live stress-free

If you look at things from a dog’s perspective, can you understand that there is a good reason for a dog to bark? If you think about how your dog feels when it barks, you can take corrective measures and how to treat it. I’m already addicted to barking that feels noisy, so I don’t think it’s easy to discipline.

However, let’s treat dogs and their owners patiently so that they can live happily stress-free.