What are the three reasons dogs dig?

You may have seen dogs digging on the couch or bed. It may seem a little strange to dig intently, but there is a reason for such behavior. This time, we will introduce the reasons why dogs dig holes and how to deal with them.

What are the three reasons dogs dig?

What are the three reasons why dogs dig?

Reasons for dogs to dig holes include:

1. The old habits are inherited

It is believed that the reason why dogs dig holes is that the habits of wolves, the ancestors of dogs, are inherited. This is because wolves have a habit of digging burrows to protect themselves from foreign enemies and to give birth and raise children. In addition, it has the habit of hiding the caught prey in the burrow.

The behavior of dogs digging holes and then sleeping on the spot, or burying snacks and toys to hide them, is said to be due to the wolf’s habits.

2. Behavior by instinct

Dogs such as dachshunds, terriers, beagles, and border collies that used to be active as hunting dogs that sneak into burrows and catch prey may prefer digging because they have the instinct of “digging the soil.” There are many.

It is said that dogs are digging holes when they are in a happy mood or excited, just as if they were playing.

3. Dissipating stress

You may also make digging gestures to relieve stress. Dogs can give a calming signal when they are under stress or anxiety. A calming signal is a body language for a dog. One of the calming signals is the digging gesture, which is an action to show when you want to calm down.

If you are digging relentlessly, you may have anxiety about wanting more bite or a manifestation of stress that you want to dissipate the bored and accumulated energy.

What are the three reasons dogs dig?

How to deal with dog digging

To stop a dog from digging, it’s important to first understand why the dog is digging.

If you’re just doing it to get your bed in order, you can watch it settle down, but if you think you’re doing it because of your instinct or stress to dig, you can take the following measures.

Make a place where you can dig a hole

If you don’t want your dog to dig a hole in your garden or flowerbed, it’s a good idea to set up a place where you can dig a hole.

To make people aware that it’s a good place to dig, bury your favorite treats and toys there. And if the dog digs the place, please praise it. By doing this many times, you will realize that this is a place where you can dig.

The place where the dog can dig a hole should be a little away from the fence and hedges in the garden. This is because there is a possibility of escaping out of the fence through the gap created when digging the ground.

What are the three reasons dogs dig?

 I’ll release the stress

If you don’t have enough walks or aren’t chewed enough, increase the amount of time you take for a walk or play with them to relieve stress.

If you satisfy your dog’s desire for exercise and actively communicate with him, you will stop digging.

Precautions when stopping dog digging

If you don’t want your dog to hurt your floor or furniture by digging, you need to tell your dog what you shouldn’t do, but it’s important to keep your normal mind and tell it plainly.

This is because dogs cannot understand dogs, unlike humans, even if they sold them for a long time. In addition, emotional communication can make you feel complimented and can also make you feel scared and double your stress. Be aware that incorrect scolding can result in facilitating digging behavior.

Understand why dogs dig holes and take measures!

There are many reasons why dogs dig. It is difficult to completely stop the dog’s digging behavior that comes from instinct and habits, so let’s make a place where you can dig. Also, if you think you are digging because of stress, it is important to reduce anxiety and boredom. Please make time to take a walk or play positively.