There are three types of black chihuahuas!

Black is a popular color for Chihuahuas. The black Chihuahua has a spotted pattern called “tan” that looks like eyebrows, and the facial expression changes depending on the pattern, so even the same Chihuahua looks a little different. Here, I will explain the charm of such a black Chihuahua.

There are three types of black chihuahuas!

Features of black chihuahua

Black Chihuahua, which is based on black, is roughly divided into three color variations. Another characteristic of black chihuahuas is that they give different impressions depending on how the colors are mixed.

Black tongue

The base color is black, and the face, toes, and tongue are beige. Another characteristic of black and tan is that the impression of the face changes greatly depending on how the tongue is inserted.


Also known as black solid, it has a black coat color with no tongue and black color. However, some white may be included.

Black tongue & white

The base is black, but the face and toes are white, and beige and white tans are included. In this way, the color containing three colors is called tri-color, and it is also a coat color that is relatively common in black Chihuahuas.

There are three types of black chihuahuas!

The charm of black chihuahua

Black Chihuahuas with three coat color patterns, and the way the colors are mixed varies depending on the individual, so the impression of the face changes. In addition, there are two patterns of hair, smooth and long, and the impression of black chihuahua changes depending on the presence or absence of decorative hair.

Facial expression

The basic look is no different from other Chihuahuas. However, there are some children who look gentle or dignified depending on the presence and shape of the tongue in the tight coat color of black. The fact that the appearance changes in this way is also the appeal of the color black.


Chihuahuas are brave, wise and loyal to their owners, despite their appearance. In addition, I am full of love for the owner, and sometimes I burn the sardines.

The appearance of black looks dignified and strong, but the contents are adorable with a pure heart.

There are three types of black chihuahuas!

Introducing the bean knowledge that you should know if you like Chihuahua

Speaking of Chihuahuas, I think that many people have the image of staring at the owner while making their big eyes flutter, or quivering in small steps. So, here are some tips on Chihuahuas that are a must-see for Chihuahua lovers.

Reason for trembling

Chihuahuas express emotions such as cold, fear, and pain when they are trembling with their big eyes fluttering. Chihuahuas are vulnerable to the cold in the first place, so they can tremble in the cold.

Also, because of his timid and scary personality, he may tremble when he feels fear. Chihuahuas are said to be bullish, but they are actually very cowards.

And don’t forget the tremors caused by illness. You may tremble with pain, so check for any other unusual symptoms.

There are three types of black chihuahuas!

Little guard dog

Chihuahuas, who are loyal to their owners and threaten strangers and dogs, are also called small guard dogs because they have the side of being aggressive towards people and dogs larger than themselves. However, this too is really scary and desperately hides fear.

Many heart diseases

As a disease peculiar to dog breeds, the incidence of heart disease is high. Many heart diseases are often asymptomatic and are often noticed only when the symptoms worsen. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform regular inspections when you enter seniority.

Let’s live a happy life with Black Chihuahua

It is a very popular color because many people are fascinated by the loveliness of black chihuahuas, which have different facial expressions depending on how the tongue is inserted. The loveliness is not only the appearance, but also the loyalty to the owner and the sweet-hearted personality, and if you build a good relationship, you will be the best partner in your life.