4 reasons why your dog is hungry?

The appearance of the dog flipping over and showing its belly is very cute, isn’t it? Dogs act like they are hungry for people and other dogs in many situations, but sometimes they are hungry even when no one is around. What is the reason for a dog to be hungry? On the contrary, why doesn’t a child who doesn’t show much stomach show it?

4 reasons why your dog is hungry?

Here, I will explain why dogs are hungry and how they feel at that time.

Is it because dogs allow their hearts to show their stomachs?

The hungry gesture is extremely vulnerable to dogs. Dogs are basically a safe place to be hungry only in front of people who can feel at ease.

Dogs often show their stomachs in public because they are forgiving and feel comfortable in the environment. When your dog is hungry, try to be as relaxed as possible and avoid doing anything that you don’t like.

4 reasons dogs get hungry

There are many reasons why dogs are hungry. Dogs can’t speak in words, so they communicate with a moving body language. It is one of the body languages ​​that the dog is hungry, and in some cases the dog is trying to tell the other person something. Here are some reasons why dogs are hungry.

4 reasons why your dog is hungry?

[1] Because I’m relaxed

Some dogs find it comfortable to sleep while showing their stomach. You will lie on your back when you sleep or play. In this case, the dog is relaxed and likes its position.

[2] Because I am obedient

Dogs may be hungry when they are submissive. This may often be seen not only for people, but also for situations where dogs are playing with each other. Submissive dogs show their belly to the dominant dog or person, telling them that they are not going to quarrel.

[3] I want you to stroke it

There are many dogs that love to be patted. The dog may go to the owner’s side and lie on his back when he wants his belly to be stroked.

[4] I’m trying to cool down

On hot summer days, you may be lying on your back and trying to cool down. The dog’s belly has less hair than the rest of the body and can be cooled by the wind. Also, by spreading your body and raising your stomach, you can prevent heat buildup, so it may be cooler than other postures.

4 reasons why your dog is hungry?

3 Reasons Dogs Don’t Show Belly

So what is the reason for a child who does not want to show his stomach?

[1] I’m not relaxed

It is possible that you are not accustomed to the environment yet. The same is true in situations where there are strangers. Dogs cannot relax in places with new people or in unfamiliar environments. Therefore, you may not want to be vigilant and unprotected on your back.

[2] Because it’s cold

Even when I feel cold, I lie on my back and don’t show my stomach. It may be possible to keep your body temperature in check by curling up small during cold weather.

[3] I don’t think it’s necessary

You may think you don’t have to be hungry. You don’t have to get the owner’s attention, and you don’t have to be hungry when you don’t want them to be stroked.

[Experience story] When my dog ​​shows his stomach or not

My dog, Jake, is often hungry. Jake is most hungry when he is playing. When he is playing with a toy, he deliberately drops the toy and tries to pick it up while lying on his back and seeing his belly.

Also, during the summer months, you often sleep with your stomach up when you go to bed at night. It seems very uncomfortable for a dog to sleep on his back, but it’s probably cooler to sleep with his stomach up because it can release heat more effectively.

4 reasons why your dog is hungry?

I’m less hungry in winter

Jake often sleeps with his stomach up, but when the temperature drops in winter, he rarely sleeps on his back. During the winter, it always curls up like a cinnamon roll and sleeps soundly. Also, even when I’m out in the mountains or parks, I rarely show my stomach unless I stroke my stomach, so I think that a house where you can sleep without worrying about it is a safe space. I will.

Cherish skinship time with dogs

When your dog is hungry, you may be trying to tell him that you are submissive. But most of the time it doesn’t mean that much, it’s just because it’s comfortable.

While the dog is hungry, please stroke it, watch over it gently, and create a relaxing space. Relaxing with your dog is a good opportunity to have a skinship and to deepen your relationship of trust with your dog.