Are there three types of miniature dachshunds?

The popular dog breed Dachshund, which everyone knows, is classified as standard miniature Kaninhen according to body size. The most popular size in Japan is the “miniature” dachshund. What are the specific criteria? In addition, miniature dachshunds are classified into three types according to the difference in hair quality. Today, I will introduce in detail the difference in hair quality and abundant color variations of miniature dachshunds from the classification of dachshunds.

Are there three types of miniature dachshunds?

There are 3 sizes of dachshund

Dachshunds are categorized into three types, standard, miniature, and kaninhen, in descending order of physique. Of the three types, the middle size is the miniature dachshund, which is the most popular size in Japan. Recently, the smaller Kaninhen Dachshunds have been gaining in popularity, but the Miniature Dachshunds are still gaining popularity.

The type of dachshund is determined by the chest circumference!

The size of the dachshund is determined by the chest circumference. The size of the miniature dachshund is stipulated that the chest circumference measured after 15 months of age is 30 to 35 cm and the weight is 5 kg or less. When the chest circumference exceeds 35 cm and the weight is about 9 kg, it is classified as a standard dachshund, and when the chest circumference is 30 cm or less after 15 months of age, it is classified as a Kaninhen dachshund.

However, due to the increasing popularity of miniature dachshunds in Japan, and due to unreasonable breeding, etc., many large sizes weigh more than 5 kg.

Are there three types of miniature dachshunds?

There are 3 types of miniature dachshund hair

There are three types of miniature dachshunds, “smooth-haired”, “long-haired” and “wire-haired”, depending on the type of hair.

Long-haired and wire-haired were born by crossing different breeds of dogs, so of course, there are individual differences, but the tendency of personality also differs depending on the hair quality. We will introduce the hair quality and personality differences of each of the three types.

Smooth haired

Smooth-haired is a short, dense coat, and this type is considered to be the prototype of the miniature dachshund. The feature is that hair loss during the molting period is the least among the three types, and daily care can be done easily. He has a strong inheritance as a hunting dog and has a curious and active personality. He is self-assertive and has a stubborn side, but he swallows quickly and is loyal to his owner.

Are there three types of miniature dachshunds?


The long-haired, which is the most bred in Japan, is characterized by a smooth, shiny, waved, and soft coat, and is made with spaniel seeds. Regular trimming is not necessary, but of the three types, there is a lot of hair loss, and long hair parts such as the ears and tail are prone to pilling, so frequent brushing is necessary.

The personality is calm and is said to be the most gentle and gentle personality compared to other hair types. Being friendly and social, you can interact with children and other dogs in a friendly manner.


The wire-haired type is covered with wire-like hard, short bristles, and the eyebrows and mustache are the charm points. The care is basically the same as for long hair, but there is also a method called “plucking” in which the hair is pulled out with a special knife. After mating the Pinscher breed, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is crossed, giving it a better appearance and personality than the terrier.

Therefore, it tends to be a little strong among the three types, and it is said that it has a brave and mischievous personality, and it is difficult to discipline and the owner needs to take leadership firmly.