5 reasons why your dog licks his paw

Isn’t it surprising that there are many people who are worried about the fact that their dog is licking their paws when they notice it? I have also had trouble licking my toes so much that my dog ​​Chihuahua discolored. Here are some reasons why dogs lick their paws and how to deal with them.

5 reasons why your dog licks his paw

What does a dog do when it “licks its paw”?

“Licking the paw” described here refers to the act of the dog frequently licking the toes. It’s okay if you lick your body and legs to the extent that you’re hairy, but it’s not good to lick the same place all the time.

It is described as “having a habit of licking feet”, but it is possible that a child with this habit may be stressed, sick or injured without the owner’s knowledge.

Let’s check when and how often your dog is licking his paw

When your dog is relaxing, or when you return from a walk, please be careful if you are licking your toes.

Sometimes I’m licking it on hand, and sometimes I’m crazy about it and licking it. Even if you can’t confirm the licking site, it is highly possible that you can judge by looking at the toes of your dog.

A dog with a light coat will have a reddish-brown toe. Even in dogs with dark coats, the hair between the paws often discolors.

After confirming that you are licking, find out the reason and take immediate measures.

5 reasons why your dog licks his paw

5 Reasons Your Dog Lickes Your Paw

Dogs can lick their paws, both mentally and physically. If you lick it often, first check for physical causes.

If you don’t see any symptoms, then consider the mental cause. If it is a mental cause, you need to stop it before it becomes a habit. If you escalate, you may continue to lick like an obsession.

If your dog is licking his paw, find the cause and deal with it as soon as possible.

Reasons why your dog licks his paw ①: Calms down

Separation anxiety is one of the most common causes of dogs that depend on their owners. Some dogs are worried about leaving their owners even with a little answering machine and lick their paws to calm them down.

The cause of separation anxiety is the owner’s over-reliance. I understand that my dog ​​is cute, but if I don’t care too much, my dog’s independence will not grow, and I may behave problematic due to anxiety that there is no owner.

If you see the behavior of barking when the owner leaves and licking his legs only while he is away, suspect separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can be improved by changing the way you treat yourself. Don’t worry too much and try to treat your dog with solid leadership.

Some dogs can’t stop licking at first, but when they become addicted, they can’t stop. It is important to stop licking your feet before they become a calming tranquilizer.

5 reasons why your dog licks his paw

Reason why your dog licks his paw (2): Maybe he is under stress

Dogs with stress tend to lick their paws. If you don’t exercise enough, or if the owner is too busy to get you bitten, you will get stressed. If you feel that you haven’t been exercising recently, make time to exercise.

If there is no cause such as injury or illness, suspect stress. When the stress that causes it is relieved, licking your feet will gradually decrease.

Reason why pet dog licks paw ③: Due to pain

You may be in pain due to scratches on the paws, thorns stuck between the paws, or broken nails. If you are licking the soles of your feet or the base of your nails, lightly touch them to make sure.

Pain may be caused by arthritis or bone fracture instead of trauma. In this case, walking itself becomes unstable, so be careful when licking the leg you are dragging while walking.

First of all, please touch your feet gently. If you hold your hand little by little, it should react where you are in pain. Visit a veterinary clinic as soon as you see the pain.

Reason why pet dog licks paw ④: Allergies and dermatitis

If you develop an allergy, your skin will become very itchy and you will see itching not only in your feet but also around your body. If it is terrible, it may not only lick your legs but also bite or pluck your hair, making the affected area worse. The location of itching varies from dog to dog, but make sure you didn’t change the type of shampoo or rice when you started licking your paws frequently.

Or you may have an inflammation called interdigital inflammation. If the area between the fingers when the foot is viewed from above and the area between the paws when viewed from the back is red, it may be interdigital inflammation. This is an inflamed condition caused by scratches or skin diseases, and dogs feel uncomfortable and often lick or chew. Therefore, the inflammation is hard to heal while licking, so take measures to prevent licking with socks or bandages.

Also, it seems that there are surprisingly many dogs that lick their paws after a walk. It may be improved by washing your feet and keeping them clean when you come back. Make sure there are no fleas or ticks between the paws.

Reason why pet dog licks paw ⑤: Worry about cervical spine injury and hernia

The cervical spine is the bone in the neck, but some dogs feel uncomfortable due to numbness when the cervical spine is damaged and lick their toes. You may also lick your feet during the recovery period of herniated discs. This is due to problems with nerve transmission, and it is said that the hind legs are often licked. Both cervical spine injury and recovery from herniated discs may continue to lick if symptoms do not subside. If possible, take measures so that your dog’s consciousness is directed to something other than his paws. It is recommended that you prepare a toy with a man in it so that you will be absorbed in it and not worry about your feet.

5 reasons why your dog licks his paw

What are the ways to prevent your dog’s paw licking?

Once you know why your dog is licking his paw, you should stop licking it anymore. It would be nice if the owner could stop immediately, but I’m wondering what to do when I’m away from home.

I think many people think of Elizabethan collars there. However, Elizabethan collar can be stressful for your dog, so long-term use is not recommended.

Here’s how your dog can spend the same time as usual without licking his paws.

Should I put my dog ​​on shoes and socks?

If you don’t like shoes and socks, it is recommended to put them on. If you have a wound or inflammation on the sole of your foot, put on your shoes while taking a walk to prevent germs from entering through the wound.

It seems that there are many children who feel uncomfortable when they wear socks or shoes for the first time, but there are various causes for troubles at their feet, so it is not strange that they occur at any time. It will be useful in case of emergency if you get used to the socks before your dog is licking.

The key to choosing socks is the fit.

Naughty children may be worried about their socks and take them off, so wear socks that fit your dog’s size and are difficult to remove. Another important point is that it is properly anti-slip processed. When you wear shoes or socks, you can also apply a paw protection cream to prevent drying, which also has a moisturizing effect and is two birds with one stone!

Try using paws cream or bandages

If you put on your socks and still take them off, put on a bandage. We recommend elastic bandages that can be stopped by simply wrapping and pressing. Wrap it tightly so that it doesn’t get too tight so that it doesn’t come off easily. When wrapping a bandage, apply a paws cream to protect it and prevent it from drying out.

Know the cause of your dog’s paw licking and take appropriate measures

This time, I introduced the act of “a dog licking a paw”. Care of your feet is very important for the act of “walking”, which is the basis of “living” for dogs. In order for your dog to stay healthy, check the condition of your dog on a regular basis, check if there are any abnormalities at your feet, and take measures such as taking him to the hospital if any abnormalities are found.