What are the six reasons dogs play pranks?

Many owners are having trouble with their dog’s mischief. Dogs can play tricks on us, such as ruining trash cans and chewing furniture. If you let your dog stay at home for a while and go home, you may have experienced that the dog’s mischief made the room difficult. Pet dogs play pranks not because they hate their owners. However, it is the owner who cleans up and cleans up the mischief of his dog.

What are the six reasons dogs play pranks?

What should I do to live a comfortable life with my dog ​​without disturbing my daily life? This time, we will introduce the reasons why dogs mischief, preventive measures, and effective scolding methods at once. When a dog is mischievous, even if he scolds him after returning home, it cannot be transmitted to the dog …! ??

6 Reasons Dogs Prank

It is believed that dogs often mischief because puppies and adult dogs have different reasons. In conclusion, puppy pranks are supposed to be playing, and most of the reasons adult dogs play pranks are said to be stress such as boredom, loneliness, and lack of exercise. You may be able to improve your dog’s mischief by revisiting the life you and your dog make. Specifically, for what reason do dogs play pranks with their own hands? Here are six reasons why dogs play pranks.

What are the six reasons dogs play pranks?

1. Just playing

Dogs are animals that eat well, move well, and sleep well. Dogs that have come to live in modern times because of their hunting instinct to catch prey may also act like digging holes or swinging toys instead of prey. For this reason, behaviors that seem to be mischievous to the owner are often “just playing” to the dog.

Especially when I’m a puppy, everything I see is new and I’m interested in everything. When I find something that interests me, I just bite it and swing it around, but if it’s the first time I see it, that’s a good reason.

2. Itchy teeth

Puppies have teeth that change from about 4 months old. As a result, your teeth may become itchy and chew on a variety of things. Furniture with just the right hardness is a good prey. These are common in puppies around the age of four months, but they are also a sign of puppy growth and are not bad behavior at all. However, it is dangerous for your dog to bite the cords, so it is one of the things that the owner definitely wants you to stop.

3. It smells delicious

Because dogs have a better sense of smell than humans, they can sniff out and react to trivial odors that we humans do not notice. When I smelled food from the trash can, it just happened that there was a trash can ahead of the smell that seemed to be delicious for dogs. For humans, the behavior of dogs grabbing trash cans is noticeable.

4. Something is moving and I’m curious

Dogs instinctively react to moving objects to protect themselves and to catch prey by hunting. The action of throwing the tissue into the trash can may seem like a fun play for the dog. In addition, things that are easily shaken by the wind, such as the garland hung on the wall, are also included in the list of things that dogs care about. It can be said that this is due to the dog’s hunting instinct.

5. I want you to see this

The owner is unique to dogs. The dogs are desperate to get the attention of their owners. It is possible that the dog is mischievous and trying to attract attention because of the desire of the owner to see and take care of himself. For example, if the owner chases after the dog runs with a remote control etc., even if the owner just wants to return it and chases it, it may be fun chasing for the dog. If you do something and learn that the owner has come, the dog may repeat the same mischief.

6. Answering machine stress

Dogs can be mischievous due to the stress of not having their owners take care of them. For example, if you have a long answering machine, boredom, loneliness, lack of exercise, etc. may cause mischief. Therefore, it may be mischievous when the owner is absent or when the owner is at home during busy hours. In addition, in the case of a child with separation anxiety, it is said that anxiety may lead to mischief.

What kind of mischief do dogs do? There is a dog prank

Play for dogs, cute mischief for humans. In fact, even cute dog pranks often hold their heads when repeated. What kind of dog pranks are common in practice? Let’s take a look at some dog mischief.

What are the six reasons dogs play pranks?

Anyway, chew, bite, or destroy anything

“Chewing and biting” is a representative of dog mischief. From the ones, you use in your daily life to the ones like this? There are also surprising things such as. Let’s look at a typical example of “biting / biting” based on the voices of the owners.

Chew furniture

Dogs often bite hard objects such as dining tables and chair legs and slightly soft objects such as leather sofas. You might think, “If it’s hard, dog’s teeth are fine,” but dog’s teeth (jaw strength) are strong. I am also good at gradually scraping wooden furniture and tearing it with canines if it is soft.

Deteriorated furniture is at risk of being scraped off and accidentally swallowed by the dog. It can also hurt your dog’s cavity, so treat it as a prank to watch out for.

Destroy pillows and stuffed animals

Similar to the furniture above, dogs often destroy feathers and cotton pillows. Pillows that are just the right hardness and size at first and are just chewed like a toy will be bitten off by the time the contents come out over time. You may tear the toilet seat. If you bite it off, feathers and cotton will come out gradually, so the dog will be happy and the mischief will escalate. Be careful as these can also cause accidental ingestion of dogs.

What are the six reasons dogs play pranks?

Gnawing the cords

The indoor environment is strangely lined with cords. In ordinary households, you are surrounded by cords of various thicknesses and lengths, such as the back of a TV, an air purifier, and a charger for a smartphone. These cords are very useful for humans, but only “easy to bite” for dogs. There may be many dogs that are worried because they sometimes flutter.

Owners should be very careful, as dogs can get an electric shock if they bite the cords. Also, broken cords can cause household chores, so it is NG to leave them alone. Some expensive home appliances are expensive, so be careful with the cords.

I still chew. Something like this.

When listening to the voices of the owners, there are many answers such as “My child bites my smartphone for some reason” and “I bite the remote control and ruin it”. These chews also pose a high risk to dogs and should be taken with caution.

Anyway, it gets dirty and vandalizes

Dogs are also good at “dirty and ruining”. In the case of “biting/biting / destroying”, the owner may be looking at it, but the mischief of “dirty / ruining” is often taken away by the owner.

Scatter the trash can

A trash can that smells of delicious food can be turned over by a dog. Dogs sniff out and find even the smallest odors that humans do not understand. It is troublesome for the owner to clean up, and I don’t think I can remember what I threw away, so the rule of thumb is “Do not let the trash can touch the dog.” Be aware that this prank can lead to accidental ingestion by your dog.

I often use tissue paper

Dogs often use tissue paper. Is a lie. You may play a trick by pulling it all out with tissue paper and making the whole house full of tissue paper. It’s not clear why many dogs are mischievous with tissue, but the sound of pulling out the tissue and the feeling that it comes out more and more may be the most interesting for dogs.

Hide small items

Lastly, I would like to introduce a dog prank called “Hide small items”. I often hear that “I don’t have one sock” at home with a dog. For some reason, small items hide socks instead of handkerchiefs. I often keep it hidden in my cage, circle, or another territory.

Can I scold the dog when he mischiefs? Correct scolding

When a dog mischiefs like the above, scolding while making noise is not effective. Rather, it is counterproductive for the owner to make noise, and the dog is pleased with the owner! I will misunderstand. Also, scolding without a relationship of trust may break the relationship, so be sure to discipline your dog based on the precautions for scolding.

Immediately be careful and ignore

If you play a prank when your dog isn’t nearby, such as when you’re on an answering machine, you won’t know what the dog is doing even if you scold it later. If you mischief while your dog is nearby, the rule of thumb is to be “immediately alert on the spot.” At this time, use a low and calm voice to say “No” or “Don’t”, and promptly clean up the mischievous things or keep the dog out of sight. At the same time, let’s leave the place and let them learn that “If you mischief, the owner will not care”. In addition, there is no effect of “scolding” for mischief such as when you are away from home, so let’s look at the measures to prevent dogs from mischief in the first place, which will be introduced later.

“Ignore” is based on the premise that a relationship of trust has been established

Ignoring dogs in discipline is based on the premise that dogs like their owners. It doesn’t feel like being ignored by someone you’re not interested in, but it’s the dog’s best avoidance to be ignored by his beloved owner. When you start playing pranks and find that your favorite owner doesn’t care, you naturally stop playing pranks and try to focus on what the owners praise and play with you.

However, just ignoring it for a long time will have the opposite effect, so be careful. It is important to ignore the dog in a short time when you are mischievous with the current offender or when you are listening to the owner after the mischief.

Scold with the same words

It is effective to use the same words when scolding a dog. Dogs can’t easily understand if they use different words each time they scold, such as “no” or “don’t”. Try to use a unified language when scolding within your family. Also, the scolding voice is more effective in low tones.

Deal calmly

When you see a dog playing a prank, it’s easy to make a loud voice, but try to keep your feelings down and respond quietly. A dog that has been mischievous to attract attention may mistakenly think that the owner has taken care of it.

Do dogs reflect after mischief?

When the dog finds out that he has been scolded, he tries to express his remorse in action. Dogs are yawning, of course, when they are sleepy, but when they are tense, they yawn to relieve tension. The most defenseless, hungry pose is also a sign that “I am obedient to you.” When you look away and yawn or pose to show your stomach, you realize that you’re doing something wrong and your owner is offended (understand that you’ve been scolded). There is a possibility. If you do this after your dog scolds you, please open your heart and forgive me.

What are the preventive measures and measures to prevent dogs from mischief?

If your dog is mischievous while you are away from home, review your living space and your daily lifestyle with your dog.

Play with plenty from usual

Dog mischief is often caused by stress, and it can develop into mischief because it is not taken care of and there is nothing to do with the free time. Make sure you have enough time to face your dog, play and take a walk, and relieve stress. It is necessary to shorten the answering machine time, but please give your dog peace of mind by going for a walk before the answering machine, finishing the toilet, and making enough time for communication. In particular, young dogs have physical strength, so it is effective to run them as hard as you can with a dog run. If you make plenty of time for a walk from the morning, you will often get tired during the daytime (during your answering machine) and sleep to recover your physical strength.

Get rid of mischievous things

Don’t let your dog see anything that you don’t want to be mischievous. Make sure that the trash can has a lid that prevents it from falling over and is not easily handled by dogs, or make a partition where you do not want it to enter. Furniture that cannot be moved can be a workaround, but one option is to try a discipline spray that feels bitter when chewed. Preventing mischief also protects the safety of dogs, so please check them one by one.

Do crate circle training

Especially when I’m a puppy, I sometimes play tricks while I’m away, eating food waste and human food, and cutting furniture and cushions. If you can’t see the owner, do house training and have a short answering machine in the circle cage. If it is difficult to put it in a circle or cage, please use a pet gate, etc. to narrow the range of action and devise a way to prevent mischief.

Also, for some dogs, it is safer to have a narrow and dark place like a crate. If your answering machine is short, consider it as an option. However, it is difficult to control the temperature of the answering machine in a narrow place, so it is necessary to avoid the sun and create a drinking fountain.

Live a stress-free life and devise ways to prevent dogs from mischief!

There are reasons for dog mischief, many of which are due to spare time or stress. When your dog’s mischief increases, you may be lacking in communication. It is necessary to scold when you do something you shouldn’t do, but first of all, make time to spend with your dog and let him play and exercise as much as you want to relieve stress.