St. Bernard dog training should start at an early age

St. Bernard dog training. For many people who raise St. Bernard dogs, training is still very easy, because this dog is very easy to domesticate. After all, its personality is very cheerful and friendly, and it only needs a little training. Become a loyal and sensible partner of people, so we will learn how to train Saint Bernard today.

St. Bernard dog training should start at an early age

1.The training of St. Bernard should start from early childhood. The young St. Bernard dog has good memory ability and is full of curiosity and desire to explore outside things. Training dogs is the best opportunity at this time, and the success rate of training is also the highest. (Parents should not insult, beat, or insult St. Bernard at will because this will easily hurt the dog’s self-esteem, which is not good for guiding St. Bernard to participate in training.)

2.When training, the attitude of parents should be firm. The St. Bernard dog should be treated with clear rewards and punishments. When the dog completes training, the parents should not hesitate to give praise and encouragement. On the contrary, when the St. Bernard dog evades training and is mischievous, the parents should punish it unceremoniously by yelling at it.

3. Training St. Bernard dogs should also start with simple behaviors and habits, and then slowly transition to skill training. Parents can start with daily eating habits, sleeping habits, and bowel habits, and slowly transition to sitting, standing, and shaking hands.

4. Training St. Bernard should start with simple and monotonous training. For example, on the carpet, let the pet dog try to hunt down some toys, and then start to adapt to the owner’s way of praise, let the dog know his name through the owner’s usual shouting. When the dog is familiar with his name and quickly reflects it, he can start training for more difficult living habits.

5. In the process of training, the master should proceed step by step with a firm attitude. When the St. Bernard dog has mastered a training action completely, proceed to the next training content. At the same time, in the process of training, the master’s attitude must be firm, and rewards and punishments must be distinguished. When the dog is right, the owner should use praise to encourage praise or use food to praise Saint Bernard.

We all know that the Saint Bernard dog has the obedience to follow the leadership of the strong, so in the process of training, the owner must establish his own leadership. The master is the supplier of food, the leader of the game, and the leader of behavior. The attitude must be calm and firm, and friendly and gentle, to obtain the obedience and loyalty of the Saint Bernard dog.

There are several ways to domesticate a Saint Bernard dog, but for each dog with a different personality, the training method used should also be different. Generally, the owner can train the St. Bernard dog by adopting comprehensive methods such as food temptation, guidance, and machinery, and the training of a movement can not be stopped until the pet St. Bernard has a conditioned reflex.