American Bully Dog

American Bully Basic Information

The American Bully breed was founded in the mid-1990s with the ultimate goal of breeding a family companion dog. Through the combination of years of selection and breeding, the characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier have been integrated.

American Bully Dog

The American Bully has a loyal and stable character while retaining the easy-to-get-together and friendly temperament of the American Staffordshire Terrier. The American Bully, a unique breed of dog, paid special attention to being extremely tolerant and friendly to children, and eager to please their families. Self-confident, but not overly active, this breed has a patient, friendly and tolerant character.

In its physical structure, the American Bully gives an impressive exaggeration and muscular strength and has explosive power and agility. This dog breed is highly trainable and has the ability to complete various tasks. In short, the American Bully is a reliable, trustworthy, and ideal family companion dog that can accompany you.

American Bully Dog Character

The American Bully is a kind of cheerful, lively, cute, friendly, and very calm and confident dog breed. Their tempers are very good and steady, loyal and gentle to their families and their families. Most dogs are just easy to train and have very high obedience. For American bullies, nothing is more important than making their owners happy. The American Bully is a very extreme and very brave dog breed. They are very smart and have a strong ability to understand. This dog has more explosive power than the American Pit and more stability than the American Staf. People are surprised by their super tolerance and tolerance when they are with children.

The self-confident and brave American Bully Dog possesses many satisfying and pleasant personality traits. The athlete-like muscles on their bodies make their movements more agile and vigorous. This dog can be trained to meet various work needs and has a wide range of uses. They are a kind of trustworthy, reliable, and loyal family partners. They are cheerful and enthusiastic. They are very positive and even extreme in many things because they absolutely know their courage and courage. Once they are irritated, they will send out fierce and unstoppable attacks. They are extremely enthusiastic about the protection of their own territory and their masters. When they find danger threatening themselves and their masters, they will be vigilant, brave, and never flinch. American bully dogs have super tolerance for pain. When they are young, once they find that they are aggressive or aggressive towards other dogs, they must be timely and scientifically and completely stopped!!

It is absolutely important to cultivate the character of American bully dogs before the age of one. After scientific education, they can show extreme respect for the dogs next to them. American bully dogs are a positive and very regular owner when they need it. They are not suitable for passive or passive owners, because they absolutely need some rules to restrict them so that they know clearly what they should do and what they shouldn’t made. They are a natural dog breed that accepts orders. When people live with American bullies, we must become their complete leaders and make clear and correct instructions and regulations. In front of them, the only way to conquer them is absolute leadership and absolute seriousness!

American Bully Dog

Bully pit bull is different from the general pit bull terrier because they have the same figure as bully~very burly~very strong! The body is attached to a large number of strong muscles~the domestic saying that hormones are used has been circulating in the country~this is incorrect and objective~take the United States It is said that it is unreasonable and illegal to overuse hormones on animals. In terms of fighting nature, this kind of bit is not inferior to domestic fighting bits. It is also aggressive and aggressive!

Strong territorial awareness, breeding is also prohibited in many places in the United States. The reason why this kind of bit has not spread is that the breeding time is relatively short, and the price is high. The price of a good show bit is 10% of the ordinary bit. -20 times~, because their eye-catching appearance is in line with American aesthetics, this kind of cubs breeding in the U.S. is becoming more and more common. PITBULL is called a show by domestic people, and some people understand that show is for viewing. That kind of understanding is too one-sided and it is also a wrong concept. Although PITbully is bred to be more able to adapt to family life, it also has a fighting nature, which is only more compatible than pure fighting bits, but it is also prone to conflict with the same sex. Bully has also trained abroad for rally competitions and guarding purposes. But most enthusiasts keep it as a family member and like its exaggerated appearance and individuality.

Advantages and disadvantages of American Bully

The American Bully is ranked 37th in the world’s canine IQ ranking. It takes 5-15 times to learn simple instructions. The probability of observing the first instruction is 85%. Sometimes the response to slightly more complex instructions is slightly slower. , But as long as you practice harder, you can eliminate this delay. When the owner is far away from them, their response may be slightly slower. However, even if the training staff is slightly inexperienced, there are still ways to train these dogs to be excellent.

The American Bully is a kind of docile, attached dog, and has a strong curiosity and trend desire for the same kind as a viewing and companion dog. Although they cannot be compared with other mature working dogs at work; nor can they be compared with Rottweilers and Tibetan Mastiffs in nursing homes, but as a bully as a watcher and companion, the strength and quality of the body are completely Do not lose these other dog breeds.

American bully dogs are suitable for living in buildings, but they must have a lot of regular exercise time and a lot of playgrounds. They like any season, but they need to be cared for in the hot summer.

American Bully Dog Feeding Method

First, matters needing attention when feeding puppies

Feeding American Bully Dogs in their childhood is very critical. The puppies at this time have the worst physical resistance. Therefore, we must pay special attention to strengthening the conservation of American bully dogs.

American Bully Dog

In addition to ensuring dog food and nutritious food, it should also be noted that American bully dogs are very jealous, and it is hard to see that the owner treats other dogs well. Especially when it comes to pets, especially when eating if parents are for more than one dog, don’t eat with it, it is likely to attack.

Second, about “three meals a day”

When feeding, you must pay attention to choosing foods that are easily absorbed and rich in nutrients. Not only should it be regular and quantitative, but also by the principle of eating less and more meals.

It’s best to feed the American Bulldog five times a day, of course, during the puppy period; because young bully dogs have weaker body functions and weaker stomachs, you must choose some nutritious and easy-to-digest foods. it.

Third, about dog hair

Everyone knows that the American Bully’s hair is very short, but because of the wrinkles on the skin, it takes some time to tidy up its body every day.

Every week, you must regularly brush your American Bully’s teeth and clean your mouth; also regularly bathe and trim your nails. Generally speaking, wash it every 20 to 25 days in winter and every seven or ten days in summer.

Fourth, on vaccination and disease prevention

Finally, I want to tell all parents that in the process of feeding the American Bully, we must not forget to deworm it internally and externally, and we must regularly vaccinate it every year.

American Bully Dog Identification and Selection Method

The American Bully is a medium-sized dog. Its body structure is very compact, and its hard muscles give a very solid feeling when touched. It has smooth, smooth fur, and all colors and patterns of fur are acceptable.

American Bully Dog

The American Bully’s head is of medium length, the sutures in the middle of the skull are very deep, and it has an extremely broad skull and very prominent cheek occlusal muscles.

The ears can be cropped or not if the cropped ears must be short and stand up completely. Eye color is acceptable except for yellow eyes and albinism.

Looking down on the American Bully’s head from top to bottom, it is an oval very close to a circle, which further shows that his broad skull is an obvious head feature.

Its mouth is of medium length, the upper palate surface is slightly square, both sides are smooth, extending to the bottom of the eyes, the root of the mouth is thicker, the lower jaw has a strong bite force, symmetrical to the upper jaw, and the mouth is very regulated. “Earth covering the sky” or “sky covering the earth” are not accepted. The lips are very compact and there are no big cheeks. Some slight cheeks are acceptable, but they are definitely not the first choice.

The teeth of

bully dogs are very strong and tightly arranged. From the outside, they show a scissor bite. The color of the nose of the American bully is acceptable regardless of the color, but the “flower nose” of the adult dog is not the first choice.

The American Bully’s neck is very sturdy, from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the skull. At this stage, there are obvious arched muscles. This dog has no loose skin, and strong muscles make their skin look more compact.

The shoulders of American Bullys are a very important part. They have solid, obvious, strong shoulder muscles, broad, and obviously sloping shoulder skeletons. The back is straight, from the top of the shoulders to the hips.

The buttocks have a gentle slope, and the muscles are slightly upturned, but if the adult dog has only a noticeable height, the overall back is uncoordinated, which is not the first choice. The skeletal structure of American Bully Dogs is also very important. Their ribs are very tight and support a wide enough rib cage. Their front legs are straight.

and must have a considerable distance to support their broad shoulders and deep, firm, and broad chest.

The roots of their tails are very thick until the ends of the tails gradually become thinner, but they must never be rolled up. A slight “outer eight” on the front foot is also acceptable. Their bones must be strong and well-proportioned.

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