Hiromi dog

Basic Pomeranian Information

Pomeranian is born as a shepherd, smart, and ranks 5th in the intelligence ranking of small dogs, so it is easy to teach and train for breeders. The purebred Pomeranian is a very beautiful and charming dog breed, and it is a popular dog breed all over the world.

Hiromi dog

The Pomeranian’s gait is proud, solemn, and lively. Its temperament and actions are positive. Pomeranian is an outgoing, intelligent and lively dog, which makes it a very good companion dog, but also a very competitive competition dog. Hiromi’s hair is a lot like a little hairy ball, and I like to call it a bit. The scientific name fox is because it resembles a fox very much. It’s a pet dog. He is very lively and likes relatives. The coat colors are white, yellowish cream, flower color, black, red, and brown. It is a very cute canine.

Hiromi’s species distribution

The name of the Pomeranian comes from Pomeranian, but its origin is not Pomeranian. The Pomeranian may become smaller by breeding there. The larger ones were once competent sheepdogs. In fact, in the middle of the 19th century in England, Pomeranians first attracted people’s attention. Some of them are said to weigh 13.60 kilograms, and their body shape, coat, and coat color are very similar to those of German sharp-billed wolfhounds. The British Kennel Club officially recognized the Pomeranian in 1870, and since then the dog has been known to more and more people.

In 1888, Queen Victoria fell in love with an Italian Pomeranian named Marco and brought it back to England. Because the queen’s every move has a great appeal, so the dog is also widely welcomed. Queen Victoria likes the small size, which promotes the miniaturization of the dog.

In 1901, Queen Victoria asked her to put her beloved little Pomeranian named Turi by her bed before she died. The little dog stayed with the queen until her death.

Pomeranian began to participate in the mixed dog competition at the American dog show in 1892, and it was officially classified in New York in 1900.

In 1911, the American Pomeranian Club held a dog show for the first time. The early winners of the American Dog Show were Pomeranians with well-developed bones, large ears, and weighing less than 2.72 kg.

The origin of the development of Hiromi

Pomeranian is a breed of pointed-mouthed dog. Its ancestor is a sled dog of the Arctic, but it is a degenerate sled dog. The dog is closely related to the Dutch Keeshond and the Norwegian Mi Ti. According to the original record of this dog, it came from the Pomeranian region at the border of Poland and Germany. At that time, these dogs were used to guard the sheep. The Pomerania region at the border of the coast. At that time these dogs were used to guard the sheep. In 1750, Pomeranians spread to European countries, including Italy. When Queen Victoria visited Italy, the people of Florence presented the Queen a Pomeranian, which was very much loved by the Queen. The early Pomeranians were large and mostly white. Since the 19th century, they have been selected and bred to become small dogs with fluffy and softbacks and bright colors. Boomi is becoming more and more diversified. White Pomeranian is more popular.

Hiromi dog

Hiromi’s physiological indicators

A) Fluffy Wolfhound / Keeshond 49 cm +/- 6 cm

B) Large Fox Terrier 46 cm +/- 4 cm

C) Medium-sized Fox Terrier 34 cm +/- 4 cm

D) Small Fox Dog 26 cm +/- 3 cm

E) Toy Fox Terrier/Squirrel Dog 20 cm +/- 2 cm

Pomeranian character characteristics

The overall first impression of a Pomeranian must be aesthetic, with a fox-like expression on the face, but at the same time a naive and lively personality.

Because of the difference between males and females, Pomeranians should have obvious differences in temperament appearance, that is, male dogs should have a “fierce” appearance and show a domineering look; bitches should be “sweet” and “docile”, Showing the charm of everyone.

Pomeranians should not be too “strong” and disobedient under normal conditions, ignoring people’s instructions or showing too “cowardly” and afraid of approaching, avoiding people’s amusement. It can be imagined that a dog that does not obey human management at all or a dog that is completely afraid of human management will greatly reduce its enjoyment and appreciation, or this investment has no meaning and value.

German Fox Terriers are usually attentive, lively, and very loyal to their owners. Very easy to tame. Mistrust of strangers and lack of hunting instincts make it an ideal guard dog in the family or farm. This kind of dog is timid and not aggressive. Its most prominent feature is that it is not affected by the weather, is energetic, and has a long life.

Hiromi’s gait is smooth, relaxed, harmonious, and lively. Good forequarters guidance and powerful hindquarters drive. The hind legs on each side move in the same straight line as the front legs. The legs converge slightly toward the centerline of the body to achieve balance. The front and back legs are neither turned in nor out, the backline remains level and the overall profile is balanced.

Hiromi is an outgoing, very intelligent, and lively dog, making it a very good companion dog, and also a very competitive competition dog.

Advantages of Pomeranian:

1. Hiromi is small and cute, with a small appetite, and is very friendly to people of all ages.

2. Nobody odor, less hair loss, and less space for movement.

3. Safe, but proper guidance.

4. Healthy, but should not be placed in a high place to avoid injury.

5. The feeding cost is low.

Pomeranian defects:

Any deviation from the above points is regarded as a defect, and its degree of defect is strictly proportional to its level and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.

Serious defects of Pomeranian: physical defects.

1. The head is too flat; the obvious apple shape.

2, flesh-colored nose, eyelids, and lips.

3, fluffy wolfhounds/Keeshonds, large foxes, and medium-sized foxes are missing teeth.

4. Defects in sports.

5. In the dark gray fox, the face lacks characteristic spots.

6. Eliminate defects.

7, aggressive or too shy.

8. The fontanelle is incomplete.

9, inferior or superior occlusion.

10. Eyelid inversion or eversion.

11. The ears are half erect.

12. Except for the white fox, there are obvious white spots.

13. Any dog ​​with obvious physical or behavioral abnormalities shall be disqualified.

14. Bomei is too small; the bones are very fragile; it is easy to cause fractures.

Note: Male dogs should have two apparently normal testicles completely placed in the scrotum.

Pomeranian feeding method

Pomeranian is a compact, short-backed, active playing dog. It is a kind of German Fox Terrier, native to Germany. He has a soft, thick undercoat and thick coat. The base of the tail is high, and the thickly furred tail lies flat on the back. He has a vigilant character, a clever expression, a brisk manner, and a curious nature.

Hiromi dog

Hiromi’s gait is proud, solemn, and lively. His temperament and actions are healthy. Pomeranian is an outgoing, very intelligent, and lively dog, making it a very good companion dog and also a very competitive competition dog. Hiromi’s hair is a lot like a little hairy ball, and I like to call it a bit. The scientific name of the Fox Terrier is because it is also very fox-like. It’s a pet dog. He is very lively and likes relatives. The coat colors are white, yellowish cream, flower color, black, red, and brown. It is a very cute canine.

Feeding points

1. When the puppy is born, he eats his mother’s milk; when the teeth are weaned, he can start feeding it liquid food. The canned meat is heated with boiling water to make a paste, or the young dry food is heated and soaked in water. At the age of two months, you can start eating puppy dog ​​food.   Large dogs are big and grow fast. You can add some nutrients such as calcium powder to your meals, but you must take them by the doctor’s instructions and instructions. Some people raise large fighting dogs and like to feed them with raw meat to make them accustomed to blood. This is very dangerous; because uncooked meat is unhealthy. Secondly, after eating raw meat, when the owner forgets to feed or abandon it, it may endanger people. Many incidents of dogs attacking people are due to this.

2. The number of feedings per day is roughly as follows: After weaning to three months old: three to four times three to six months old: two to three times six months to one year old: two times over one-year-old: the time of one or two feedings It can match your work and rest time, but it’s not just feeding. You should also consider adding time for walking the dog, urinating, cleaning the potty, and washing dishes after meals. Wash the bowls immediately after a meal to prevent the residue from attracting rats, cockroaches, and ants, or the leftover food will be corrupted by sunlight and rain. Remove the bowl at the same time, so as not to play with the bowl or even bite it when it is boring. As for how much to feed, it is usually given according to the instructions and then adjusted according to whether there is any remaining food from the last meal.

3. When buying imported food, try to find those with Chinese instructions and the importer’s phone number. Because the canned dry food from across the ocean may exceed the expiration date if it smells or becomes moldy. If it is wet and long, please ask the boss to return it immediately. You are welcome. After opening, it must be properly stored, the cans must be placed in the refrigerator, and the dry food must be sealed. The first time you buy, don’t buy too much, but buy two or three in small quantities, and see how the puppy reacts after eating it; including palatability. The degree of digestion and absorption, and the shape of excrement. Each variety says its product is the best, cheap and big, so you might as well consult a doctor and an experienced person.

4. It’s good to feed the dog as long as it is seven minutes full. Don’t overdo it. Let it lick the bowl and lick it proudly. If you eat too much and run and jump after the meal, it’s easy to spit out intact. Puppies who are kept in cages all year round, eating is their rare entertainment, so they will be greedy like hungry ghosts. Don’t be fooled by them, thinking they are really hungry. But a dog who doesn’t eat enough doesn’t have a lot of activity and doesn’t excrete well, maybe really sick, so it is best to take it to see a doctor. When changing the food for the dog, don’t change it all at once. Each time you mix half of the new food, try for two or three days, gradually increase the new portion, and then use the new one after a week. In this way, the dog’s digestive system can adapt to it, otherwise, it will be prone to diarrhea. Many people think that a dog just wants to gnaw bones. In fact, gnawing bones can easily block the dog’s intestines, causing it to be constipated, causing vomiting and poor appetite. Especially chicken bones must not be, because they are small and brittle, they can easily block the esophagus and pierce the gastrointestinal tract. When feeding, be sure to give plenty of water at the same time. There is no need to use distilled water or boiled water. Their intestines and stomach do not care about these.

Thoroughbred and Mixed

Purebred dogs are the result of long-term selection and breeding. They have standard body shape, beautiful appearance, satisfactory temperament, and lasting economic value. The choice of purebred dogs must come from reliable personnel. It is best to purchase purebred dogs. There is a pedigree certificate and a transfer certificate. In addition to having no market value and competition value, the small skewers are not inferior to purebred dogs in terms of partners. And there is no need for more specialized care in life, and it is more worry-free.

Pomeranian identification and selection

The age of the dog can be judged from the teeth of the puppies. The teeth of the puppies are white and short. Generally, the deciduous teeth will grow at 3 to 4 weeks after birth, and all the deciduous teeth will be straight at the age of 2 months. Later, at the age of 3 to 4 months, permanent teeth will begin to grow; generally, at the age of 8 to 9 months, the permanent teeth will grow evenly. The permanent teeth are white and thick, and the incisors have sharp protrusions. When buying puppies, you can generally judge the age of the month based on the milk teeth. At 1 month of birth, the mammary canine teeth grow, the second and fourth mammary premolars grow at 1 and a half months, and all the deciduous teeth grow at the age of 2 months; at the age of 3 to 4 months, the permanent incisor teeth grow. In this way, the young age can be preliminarily judged.

Hiromi dog

Many people want to start raising dogs from one or two months old and don’t like dogs that are too big. In fact, it is not always true. If you encounter older or adult people by fate, you can still become a caring companion as long as you take a little patience. Especially dogs that have been stray and weathered will most likely cherish your helping hand but behave. It’s better than raising it since I was a child, maybe, and it’s also less of the many problems and troubles I had before one year old.

【Male Dog and Female Dog】

There is no difference in intelligence between male and female dogs of the same breed, and there is not much difference in size and weight between male and female dogs of small breeds. Of course, adult male dogs are slightly larger than females. Generally speaking, there is not much difference between male and female dogs. Male dogs may be more lively and female dogs are more obedient. Male dogs are likely to be slightly larger, and female dogs generally look better in terms of physical appearance. . The biggest difference between males and females is that normal adult bitches have to give birth and feed their puppies after they become pregnant during the reproductive period. However, male dogs will be “impulsive” at any time after adulthood, and female dogs will estrus twice a year on average, and the vulva will bleed and may soil the carpet, floor, or attract male dogs to wait on them. However, ligation can solve this problem.

【Long hair and short hair】

Long-haired dogs are more troublesome to take care of. They must be groomed or groomed and trimmed regularly. They are more suitable for keeping indoors, otherwise, they will often bring dirty things into the door. Whether long-haired or short-haired, dogs change their hair twice a year. Molting between spring and summer takes about two months. At this time, you have to brush your hair every day, otherwise, it will be easy to get hairy balls, or you will fall into the hair everywhere in the house. Short-haired dogs are much more convenient to cook. They are easy to dry after a shower, but the hair is too short and the skin is usually not good. It is not easy to choose a perfect dog. After getting along for a long time, I am accustomed to seeing my own dog and looking at other people’s.

【Health Judgment】

Health is the first condition for owning a pet dog. Only healthy puppies can be vaccinated and can add joy to your life, not trouble. So, how to judge the health of a puppy?

First look: observe the mental state of the puppies, healthy puppies are active, curious, sensitive, and not afraid of people. Head: The nose is wet and cold, the eyes are bright, and there is no unclean eye discharge. The ears have no peculiar smell and no brown discharge. Teeth and tongue are red, and tongue is red and wet. The neck rotates flexibly; the tail swings freely when you sniff first. The anus and vulva are very clean, not itch, no hair loss, no hair loss, no redness and swelling on the tips of the ears, face, and feet, strong limbs, full of energy, cheerful, lively, lean over at the first call, responsive to the voice Responsive, no calculus in the teeth, no long toenails, no coughing, sneezing, or drooling. Followed by touching: the whole body is not tender, the coat is smooth, and the skin has no protrusions or scars; the limbs are flexible, and there should be a “concave waist” reflex when touching the waist; the ribs are smooth and no nodules.

Dog’s character, Generally speaking, the main innate factor that determines the dog’s character is breed rather than gender. Some breeds of dogs are active, some are nosy and barking, and some breeds are loyal to one owner; therefore, when choosing a pet for young children, you should first understand what breed of dog is most suitable for your personality and yours. The living conditions, especially some dogs that require a lot of exercises, are not suitable for dog lovers in high-rise apartments in the city; some dogs love to bark, which can easily cause neighborhood disputes. With the bottom in mind, only when you pick a puppy can you be targeted.

Among the many Pomeranians, choosing a dog that really suits you is also a very simple matter. Then according to the above method, I hope you can find your “ideal person” and live happily with it.