What kind of dog is a wolf dog? Explains features, personality

Did you know that there is a breed of dog called “Wolfdog”? Wolfdogs, also known as “wolf dogs,” are a type of large dog born of a cross between a domesticated wolf and a Siberian husky or German shepherd. This time, I will pay attention to such “wolf dog”.

What kind of dog is a wolf dog? Explains features, personality

What are the characteristics of wolf dogs?

Wolfdog, as the name implies, is a breed of dog born from the crossing of a wolf and a dog. Only about 500 animals are bred in Japan, and it can be said that they are rarely seen in the city. The Japan Kennel Club (JKC), which specifies dog breeds and breed standards in Japan, certifies only two types, “Saarlooswolfdog” and “Czechoslovakian Wolfdog”.

However, most of the wolf dogs currently bred in Japan are hybrids imported from Canada, etc., so they are not officially recognized dog breeds. The characteristics of the two certified wolfdogs are as follows.


Created by Saarlooswolfdog in the Netherlands, this breed is 65-75 cm long for males and 60-70 cm for females, with a sturdy body and fairly long limbs. There are characteristic beast colors called wolf gray, white, and creamy white.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog

A breed of dog born in the former Czechoslovakia with the purpose of helping humans. With a solid body, it looks like a rectangle with a body length of about 60-65 cm. A distinctive light-colored mask with a gray to silver-gray body. Its body shape, walking style, and coat color are similar to those of a wolf.

What kind of dog is a wolf dog? Explains features, personality

What is the character of a wolfdog?

As with other breeds, it is assumed that there are individual differences in the character of wolf dogs, but it seems that many children are cautious.

The owner is very loyal, affectionate and credible, but generally reluctant to contact others and is modest. Due to his cautious and cautious personality, he is sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment.

Is it close to a wolf?

Since it draws the blood of a wolf, it has strong biting power, and the risk of becoming aggressive is high, and in the past there have been accidents where the owner was bitten and died.

Therefore, the owner must be disciplined and take leadership, and consideration must be given to keeping away from other dogs and people during the walk. Proper management can be difficult unless you have a wealth of experience in the discipline.

What is the breeding environment required for a wolf dog?

Wolfdogs are wild and have a lot of exercises, so they require a large area to live on and a 2-3 hour walk a day. An insufficient amount of exercise can lead to stress and aggressiveness that can break the relationship of trust with the owner.

In addition, since the amount of energy consumed by exercising is large, it is possible that a large amount of food is required compared to other dog breeds of the same physique. When considering welcoming you to a wolfdog’s house, you need to think carefully about whether you have the time to exercise the wolfdog and whether you can afford it.

What kind of dog is a wolf dog? Explains features, personality

About the life of a wolf dog

In recent years, with improvements in food, the overall lifespan of dogs has tended to increase. Wolfdogs are large dogs that are relatively short-lived but have an average lifespan of about 10-12 years. However, this age is a wolf dog in Japan, and the average lifespan of a wolf-dog officially recognized as a breed as mentioned above is said to be about 8 years.

Attractive wolfdog, breeding requires knowledge and experience

The dignified appearance, crisp eyes, and obedient appearance of the owner of the wolf dog are very attractive. However, since it is a rare breed of dog, if you obtain it easily because it is cool, you may have trouble disciplining it later, you may be financially stuck, or you may not be able to manage it sufficiently and it may lead to an accident. When considering breeding, be sure to study wolfdogs based on the above.