What kind of dog is Korean Jindo dog?

Did you know that there is a breed of dog called Jindo dog in Korea? Currently, it is said that there are more than 300 internationally recognized dog breeds, but it is hard to know when it comes to dog breeds that are not in Japan. The Jindo dog introduced this time is actually a famous and familiar dog breed that is said to be unknown to anyone in Korea. This time, we will explain in detail the history, characteristics, and personality of the Jindo dog, which is known as a dog breed that represents the country in the neighboring country, South Korea.

What kind of dog is Korean Jindo dog?

Jindo dog’s roots show its own hunting instinct

Jindo dog is a breed of dog that has developed over thousands of years in the land of Jindo, South Korea. Since Jindo dogs were active as hunting dogs, dogs with high hunting instincts were used for breeding. Even today, Jindo dogs have a very high hunting instinct.

On the other hand, although it is clear that Jindo dogs developed on Jindo, it is still unclear where they were before they arrived on Jindo.

Efforts to preserve Jindo dogs

Jindo dogs did not leave Jindo until recently. Therefore, the characteristics of the breed did not change and it was naturally preserved. However, recently, the number of people raising Jindo dogs has increased in Europe and the United States, and many people are trying to preserve Jindo dogs as they are. It is also registered as a natural monument in South Korea, and efforts are being made to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of Jindo dogs.

What kind of dog is Korean Jindo dog?

What kind of dog is Jindo dog? Explaining features and personality

Jindo dogs have some characteristics in common with Japanese dogs. However, there are some major differences from Japanese dogs, and it is a very unique breed. Successive Korean presidents also raise Jindo dogs, and their charm has been handed down. Here, we will explain in detail the characteristics and personality of Jindo dogs.

Jindo dogs are larger and more muscular than Shiba inu

Jindo dog is a muscular medium-sized dog. It is slightly larger than the Shiba Inu, with an average height of 50 cm and a weight of around 20 kg. The emphasis is on a well-balanced body and it is firm.

The Jindo dog has standing ears and a long tail. The Kennel Club recognizes seven colors of Jindo dogs: red, white, black, tan, fawn, wolf gray, and brindle, and any color of Jindo dog gives a dignified and powerful impression.

Personality of Jindo dog

Jindo dogs have a very strong hunting instinct and tend to be dominant compared to other breeds. Since Jindo dog was active as a guard dog, it is a very brave and alert dog breed.

Jindo dogs have a very strong loyalty and serve their owners. I am especially loyal to my husband who has raised me since I was a puppy, and even if my husband changes, I will never forget my loyalty to my husband who raised me.

What kind of dog is Korean Jindo dog?

What are the key points in raising Jindo dogs?

Jindo dogs are not very suitable for beginners of dog breeding because some individuals have a strong temper. However, if you understand the characteristics and personality of Jindo dogs well and raise them according to them, you should be able to grow up to be a good dog. Here, we will introduce the points of how to raise Jindo dogs.

Socialization training is indispensable for Jindo dogs

Jindo dogs have a strong hunting instinct and desire for control, so they can become aggressive without proper socialization training. When welcoming Jindo dogs, take them to different people and places so that they can adapt well to the new environment. By starting socialization training as a puppy, you are more likely to grow into an adult dog with a stable temperament.

Jindo dog is a professional escape

Jindo dogs love to walk freely and tend to escape often. It is important to maintain a breeding environment for Jindo dogs and be careful not to escape. In addition, Jindo dogs may escape due to stress, so it is effective to exercise well and prevent escape through stress release.

What kind of dog is Korean Jindo dog?

Be careful when breeding with other animals

Breeding Jindo dogs and other animals requires special attention. Jindo dogs sometimes recognize small animals and cats as prey, so it is difficult to keep them in the same environment. In addition, many Jindo dogs do not like other dogs, so they are not suitable for multi-headed dogs. In particular, males may quarrel with each other, so be sure to monitor them carefully when breeding in the same environment.

Consider the habits of Jindo dogs and consider picking them up

Here, I explained in detail what kind of dog the Jindo dog is. Jindo dogs have many similar characteristics to Japanese dogs, but they are actually a unique breed with unique charm. However, due to its uniqueness, it is not suitable for everyone. When you visit Korea, you may meet Jindo dogs.