What is the cause of Teddy’s diarrhea?

Hi, Mengbao adult ~ Little pet owners who have fed Teddy should know that Teddy is a more delicate dog breed. If the doctor is not careful, it will be very easy to have diarrhea. Just eat freely and you will definitely have diarrhea the next day. Today, the little pet doctor said what causes Teddy diarrhea and what should the owners of Teddy’s diarrhea do? Let’s take a look at it together.

What is the cause of Teddy's diarrhea?

Teddy’s diarrhea reason one: gastrointestinal problems

Teddy’s body has less pepsin, so their gastrointestinal digestion effect is not very good. Taking too much food will cause gastrointestinal pressure and cause digestion and absorption problems. The adverse effects of digestion and absorption problems can be mild or multiple times, from mild to soft stools, and from severe to diarrhea.

Therefore, when discovering that Teddy is suffering from diarrhea, the host family immediately takes certain effective measures and can give Teddy no food for 12 to 24 hours. During this time, they can feed some water and prepare some small pets in advance. Teddy can feed Teddy with the type of Gastrointestinal Bao probiotic powder.

Teddy’s diarrhea reason two: the problem of sparganosis

If Teddy’s stomach has too much sparganosis, it will destroy the balance of vaccines and cause gastrointestinal disorders, which will lead to diarrhea. It is proposed to give Teddy a dog deworming medicine to carry out deworming in the body. If the host is not sure whether Teddy has sparganosis, he can take it to the pet clinic for a checkup. After it is clear that Teddy has sparganosis in the stomach, it can be dewormed under the specific guidance of a veterinarian. It must be noted that the dog should be fed on an empty stomach for 6 hours before feeding the deworming medicine, and only after 2 hours of deworming can be fed.

Teddy’s diarrhea: the problem of diet matching

Some owners always put a lot of dog food on the dog pot every time they feed the Teddy. Little dogs don’t know that their stomachs are not big and they can’t eat so much at a time, so they have to stay at the next meal and finish it. As a result, dog food becomes less and less fresh. After eating so many stale ingredients, Teddy is very likely to cause gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhea. For this kind of situation, if the situation is not serious, let Teddy rest for a few days, and it can be cured. If the situation does not improve, then it must be considered that diarrhea is caused by other reasons.