Dog ear itch has brown secretion solution ?

In daily life, people sometimes see dogs digging their ears with their own feet, or often shaking their heads and tails. If the owner is close to the dog, he will smell a peculiar smell and see brown secretions in the ears. It is because the dog has ear mites. At this time, the dog is itchy and uncomfortable. The owner must take certain effective measures to assist the dog.

Dog ear itch has brown secretion solution ?

1.the situation of ear mites in dogs

After the dog has ear mites, there is a lot of ear oil, ear mites, and other wastes in the ears. It is dark brown and the dog is itchy. Therefore, the dog often scratches the inside of the ear, digs the ear, and constantly shakes the top of the head. , It wants to throw the item out. Some will continue to be a bright red rash, with swelling and hair loss on the outside of the ear.

If the owner goes to look inside the dog’s ears, he will see a lot of gray-black earwax. If you use a lamp to illuminate it, you can see a lot of tiny flesh-pink bugs crawling around. Will continue to smell a sour smell. At this time, the owner must immediately assist the dog to solve it.

Dog ear itch has brown secretion solution ?

2. Pay attention to the protection

If you find that your dog has the disease, and there are other cats, cats, and dogs in your home, you should take precautions as soon as possible, because ear mites can be infected. If all cats, dogs, and cats in the house have ear mites, then the situation is serious.

The owner can keep the dog with ear mites in an iron cage independently, without allowing other cats and dogs to touch, the rice bowl, sink, and other daily utensils must be used separately, and the owner must clean the home more. , Especially the dog’s daily utensils, should be cleaned and exposed to the sun frequently. And clean up the area where the dog lives.

Dog ear itch has brown secretion solution ?

3. Clean the inside of the ear

Next, the owner should help the dog to solve the problem of ear mites. Solving the problem in the ear is very simple and immediate is to use ear wash, but ear wash is not recommended because it has no purpose. The owner can use a special type of ear wash for the dog. Able to pour some ear wash liquid on a cotton ball to scrub the dog’s ear canal.

There is no need to deeply analyze the ears to prevent hurting the dog. The owner can immediately drop some ear wash liquid into the dog’s ears, and then rub it for 30 seconds before relaxing. The dog will shake his head and shake the unclean things out. The owner can wipe the unclean things clean. Remember to apply persistently.