What should I do if my pet dog has diarrhea?

What we need to understand is that the digestive tract of dogs is different from the digestive tract of humans and different from other herbivores. Their digestive tract is short, their absorption capacity is strong, and they are slow to digest crude fiber and cereals, but are not good for protein, Meat with high-fat content is digested quickly, so in the daily feeding process, try to choose grain-free or meat and wet food. If it is your homemade dog food, pay attention to the grain food of the fruits and vegetables in the livestock that must be cooked. Cook it thoroughly, so that it will help the dog’s digestion and absorption.

What should I do if my pet dog has diarrhea?

Why do many pet dogs have symptoms of diarrhea?

1. Breastfeeding puppies are prone to stress response, diarrhea, and soft stools when changing the environment.

2. Suddenly changing the dog food, the dog’s gastrointestinal can not adapt temporarily, diarrhea, soft stools.

3. Eat unclean food, greasy things, cold fruits and vegetables, and other gastrointestinal damage.

4. Dogs with natural gastrointestinal sensitivity, such as Huskies, Alaska, etc., are prone to diarrhea and soft stools if the food is slightly greasy.

5. Dogs eat too much at one time and are difficult to digest.

6. Suffering from severe infectiousness, acute inflammation, acute inflammation, etc.

Treatment and prevention of diarrhea in pet dogs

Once the dog has diarrhea, if you do not vomit, the first thing is to fast, drink water appropriately, and then observe the defecation situation. If diarrhea continues, it will increase the burden on the stomach and make the condition worse.

1. It is not easy to change dog food frequently. Generally, dogs are changed every six months. There will be no sudden changes when changing food. It should be changed gradually, for example, a bag of 5 kg of dog food has 3 kg left. During this period of time, you can buy food if you want to change the food. If there is not much dog food left, it is recommended to stick to one bag, and then choose to change food according to the method I said.

2. Many foods cannot be eaten by dogs, such as coffee and chocolate (the caffeine content in these foods is high, and dogs will be very excited if they eat them), do not eat grapes, bananas, and fruits and vegetables (eating too much of this type of food) It is easy to get kidney stones and kidney failure), do not eat too irritating foods such as too spicy, too salty, and too sweet (too much of this kind of food will not only cause the dog’s hair quality and skin resistance to deteriorating, but also It will damage the intestines and stomach). At the same time, do not give your dog too much at one time during daily feeding. The dog’s digestive tract is relatively short. If you eat too much at a time, the food will be discharged before it can be completely digested in the stomach. The result must be diarrhea or soft stools.

3. Dogs with naturally sensitive intestines, such as huskies, Alaska, etc. If you eat more or wrong, it will cause diarrhea and diarrhea. In this case, some probiotics need to be added to the daily feeding to regulate the stomach. Medicine, or buy probiotic food for the dog.

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