How to feed the puppy and train the dog to eat in 4 orders

With the popularity of many pets nowadays, many friends who have just raised a pet dog will have doubts about how to feed a puppy? In fact, raising a pet is the same as raising a child. When a pet needs to eat, there are many actions. Yes, when training the dog’s meal order, let the dog know clearly that his mealtime is after the owner’s meal.

How to feed the puppy and train the dog to eat in 4 orders

From the order of meals, the dog naturally understands the level of rank and develops a good habit of not begging. This can be said to be a lot of benefits for the dog’s obedience training in the future. So let me introduce the detailed training method of the dog’s meal order by the editor below.

Dog meal training method:

1. After the owner has eaten, he can start preparing food for the dog. If the dog barking or begging for food while the owner is eating, the owner must resolutely ignore it and prepare food for the dog until the meal is completed.

2. After the food is ready, walk to the dog with the food, and ask the dog to sit down quietly and wait for the owner to give the command to start the meal. If the dog doesn’t listen to the command and keeps rushing to the owner, don’t let the dog eat. You must let the dog wait and sit down before giving it food.

3. At this time, the dog sitting obediently has been waiting for the order to eat for a long time. As long as the owner sees the dog waiting steadily, he can issue the start command and let the dog enjoy a delicious meal.

4. After eating, give it a warm hug and encouragement to establish a close parent-child relationship, to let the dog know whether to beg for food from the owner and wait until the time for his own meal comes, don’t worry about being hungry when there is no food to eat. belly.

Tip: The owner must remember to let the dog eat after the meal so that the dog will clearly know the time of his meal. After the dog develops a habit for a long time, he will not expect the food on the owner’s table. , There will be an act of begging for food, and will obediently wait for the owner to finish eating, and then slowly enjoy his own meal, and the owner can also enjoy the food easily and happily without being disturbed by the dog.