How to choose a pet dog that suits you?

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of their pace of life, they need to adjust their physical and mental health apart from work and study. Keeping pet dogs is a good method of adjustment. But for most owners of pet dogs (especially for the first time), how to keep their pet dogs healthy and lively and how to be a competent pet owner is a very important question! First of all, let’s talk about how to choose Suitable for your pet dog.

How to choose a pet dog that suits you

Choosing which kind of pet dog to keep is an important procedure for preparing a dog, and it is a question that must be treated seriously and carefully considered. If you don’t know anything about the life habits and breeds of your pet dog, just buy one at the dog market, and you will probably have trouble one after another. Therefore, we must first understand and solve the following problems.

What size dog do you keep?

Large body types are divided into small, medium, and large. Deciding which size of dog to raise should be based on your living conditions and ability to pay for expenses. After all, dogs of different sizes have very different needs for space and money.

Do you need a male dog or a female dog?

From the perspective of the character, the bitch is more obedient and docile. Male dogs are more mischievous and active. The female dog is in heat twice a year, and there will be pregnancy and delivery. When choosing a dog, you should fully consider whether you have the energy to care for the bitch and a group of cubs.

Keep a long-haired dog or a short-haired dog?

Long-haired dogs are very beautiful, but they have to be groomed and cleaned every day, and from then on, dog hair will appear in every corner of the house, which is not suitable for people who like to be clean. Short-haired dogs do not have the above shortcomings and are easy to dry after a bath. The chance of catching a cold is much smaller than that of long-haired dogs. But short-haired dogs are more afraid of cold, and some short-haired dogs (such as Shar-Pei) have too many wrinkles on their bodies, and they are prone to serious skin diseases.

Classification of pet dogs

At present, there are about 400 famous dogs of pure blood in the world, among which more than 100 kinds of famous dogs are people. There are about 400 famous dogs of pure blood in the world. Among them, more than 100 kinds of famous dogs are liked and recognized by people.

Our country has also bred more than 10 kinds of famous dogs, such as Pekingese, Pugs (ax dogs), Chow Chow, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu (Chinese Lion), Chinese Crested, Tibetan Spaniel, Shar Pei, Tibetan Mastiff dog. Because there are many breeds of dogs, their morphological pedigrees are very complicated, and they can also be used for both purposes, there is currently no perfect classification method. It is difficult to accurately classify dogs. Starting from different standards, dogs usually have the following classifications:

1. According to different purposes: dogs can be divided into three categories: domestic dogs, shepherd dogs, and hunting dogs.

2. According to different functions: dogs can be divided into working dogs, domestic dogs, and working dogs, hunting dogs, and playing dogs.

3. According to body size: dogs can be divided into large dogs (body height above 61 cm, weight above 40 kg), medium dogs (40~61 cm, weight 11~30 kg), small dogs (body height of 25~40 cm, weight 4~10 kg) and very small dogs (under 25 cm in height and under 4 kg in weight).

4. According to the morphological characteristics: it can be divided into spirit dogs, snipe dogs, fox dogs, Maltese dogs, and shepherd dogs, but many dog ​​breeds are actually difficult to belong to a certain category. For example, the German Shepherd is both a working dog (trained as a police dog, military dog, guide dog, and guard dog) and a good companion dog; Pekingese and Shih Tzu are both typical petting dogs, but they can also play With the guard function of barking alarm, Shih Tzu is a practical category in Britain.

How to choose a pet dog?

1.when we choose a pet dog, it is best to choose a male dog, because male dogs are better to raise. The most important thing is that the female dog will have an official holiday, and the house is full of blood, which brings a lot of trouble, so I It is recommended that everyone keep a small male dog. raise a puppy, you must choose the kind that suits your family. Generally, a family of three is suitable to raise a fox, because this kind of dog is relatively small and not very large, suitable for families with children, and for the elderly to raise some. Family type of dog, so you can accompany the elderly.

3.when we choose puppies, we have to vary from person to person. If you are a single man, then it is recommended to choose a large dog. For general ladies and friends, my suggestion is to have a cute small dog. dog.

4.if there is a pregnant woman in our house, we cannot raise a puppy. If there is a baby in the house, it is best not to raise a pet. If you really need a pet, then give your puppy an injection. , Otherwise it will be bad for pregnant women and children.

5. when we choose a puppy, we need to look under the cage of the dog you bought in the dog market. In fact, it is to look at the poop of the puppy. It is normal if it is in strips, otherwise it is all sticky or very thin. , Then it’s not good, indicating that the puppy has a problem.

6.when we choose a puppy, we must be more careful. Everyone should try the nose of the puppy you choose with the back of the hand. If the nose of the puppy is wet, then it means that your puppy’s body is normal. The puppy’s nose is dry and sick.