Can dogs get acne?

Like humans, dogs can develop something like pimples on their skin. To be precise, it is called “pyoderma”, and it may come back if you do not take proper measures. Here, we will introduce the symptoms, treatments, and countermeasures for acne and pyoderma in dogs.

Can dogs get acne?

Causes and Symptoms of Acne and Pyoderma in Dogs

When you’re taking a skinship with your dog, you’ll be curious if you find something like pimples. The causes and symptoms include the following:

Causes of pyoderma

There are many indigenous bacteria on the skin of dogs and humans. By coexisting with various types of bacteria while maintaining a certain number, skin troubles caused by bacteria and allergens that can cause illness are prevented. However, if the indigenous bacteria are out of balance due to poor physical conditions or stress, skin diseases may develop. Pyoderma is also caused by “staphylococci,” which are a type of indigenous bacteria on the skin, and can cause acne-like effects such as weakened immunity, allergies, and unsanitary skin.

Symptoms of pyoderma

Pyoderma is an infection that causes inflammation of the epidermis and pores and can be superficial, which is limited to the epidermis, or deep, which infects deeper areas. Superficially, a pimple-like white or cream-colored pus swelling forms in the center of the reddish skin, and when the swelling breaks, exudate emerges, and a scab is formed. It can also become red and swollen in deeper areas of the skin.

Can dogs get acne?

How to treat acne and pyoderma in dogs

Treatment for pyoderma is tailored to the cause and symptoms of pyoderma. If there is an underlying illness, the illness is treated first, and then treatments such as medications and baths are selected for pyoderma.


The most common treatment is oral antibiotics. If superficial, the drug is taken for about 3 weeks, but if it is deep, it may be necessary to take it continuously for 1 to 3 months. Even if your symptoms seem to improve while you are taking it, you must take the antibiotic to the end. If the bacteria remain halfway, there is a possibility that acne-like products will be formed again or resistant bacteria will be formed.

Medicine bath

For pyoderma, a medicated shampoo bath may be used in combination with oral medications, and in some cases, acne-like symptoms may be controlled with the medication alone without taking any medications.

Measures for acne and pyoderma in dogs

To prevent pyoderma, it is important to keep the dog’s skin and living environment clean and to feed a nutritionally balanced diet.

Can dogs get acne?

Keep skin clean

If you leave your skin unsanitary, the bacteria will grow and you should shampoo and brush regularly. After shampooing, let it dry completely to prevent the growth of bacteria. On the other hand, be aware that excessive shampooing and excessive brushing can also damage the skin.

Can dogs get acne?

Review of diet

It is also important to review the diet to improve the barrier function of the skin and reduce the risk of pyoderma. Basically, it’s okay if you give the package a food labeled “general nutrition” and freshwater, but if you’re giving other snacks, it’s important to refrain from snacks. If you suspect that you have a food allergy, you may want to consult a veterinary clinic and switch to a therapeutic diet that addresses allergies.

If your dog sees something like acne, take early action

There are various causes of acne and pyoderma in dogs, such as poor physical condition, stress, and allergies. Even if you think that it has been cured once it develops, it may recur or it may not be cured easily, so identify the cause properly and receive treatment as directed by your veterinarian. It is also important to keep your dog’s body clean and to provide a nutritionally balanced diet to boost immunity.