Is the dog’s hand the right hand? left hand?

“Hand” is a typical dog discipline and is also for beginners. Perhaps most dogs want to get their dogs to “hand”! Have you ever tried? This time, I will explain in detail about such “dogs and hands”.

Is the dog's hand the right hand? left hand?

Hand discipline procedure

Teaching a dog is the easiest of all the disciplines.

If you follow the steps, your dog will soon remember your hand.

Now, I will explain the procedure for getting your hands on it.

First, say “hand” and guide the dog’s hand

All dog discipline begins with giving commands to the dog.

The same is true for hands, starting with saying “hands” to the dog.

After saying “hand”, lift the dog’s hand and keep it in the hand position.

Is the dog's hand the right hand? left hand?

Compliment and reward after getting into the posture of the hand

When your dog is in the right position, praise it firmly.

Be sure to give a reward after complimenting.

The reward can be a toy or a snack, but if you give too much snack, you will get fat and you will only have to do it for a snack, so it is recommended to discipline with a toy.

By repeating this, you will be able to do it without guiding the dog.

What is the difference between a dog’s hand, right hand and left hand?

In addition to your hands, as you know, there is a discipline called “refill”.

Most of the hands and refills are a set, but which hand is the hand or refill?

I will explain the difference between the right hand and the left hand.

The dog’s right hand is “hand” and the left hand is “refill”

In conclusion, the dog’s right hand is the “hand” and the dog’s left hand is the “refill”.

Hands are usually done face-to-face with a person and a dog. At that time, the person puts out the left hand and the dog puts out the right hand, and conversely, the person puts out the right hand and the dog puts out the left hand.

By making a clear distinction, the accuracy of the seemingly simple hand discipline will increase, and you will be able to discipline other disciplines without compromise.

Is the dog's hand the right hand? left hand?

Easy-to-use tips

It is the easiest discipline for beginners.

However, it is a hand, but it is also a hand, and if you teach it properly, the dog may not take seriously the discipline asking “Is this enough?” Let’s teach firmly without compromising even if it is handy.

Now, let me give you some tips that you can easily do.

The dog’s concentration is short. In the meantime, practice repeatedly

Dogs’ discipline is generally limited to about 5 or 10 minutes, and they quickly get bored or lose their concentration. Therefore, even if you are disciplining your hands, do it many times within 5 minutes. In the meantime, don’t forget to give a good compliment and reward if you can do it.

Is the dog's hand the right hand? left hand?

Do it when your dog is in a good mood

Dog discipline is not very effective even when the dog is not feeling well.

Therefore, when disciplining your hands as much as possible, it is best to watch when your dog is in a good mood.

If you go for a walk before you train your hands, or play with them and then start training, your dog will feel good and start training.

The dog’s hand seems easy and deep

Teaching a dog a hand is very easy.

However, if you teach Tekito, the dog will respond and become Tekito.

Teaching a dog a hand can be expected to have various effects, such as practice until the start of obedience training and ease of nail clippers.

Let’s enjoy disciplining with the dog without compromising on one hand.