Why do dogs lower their tails?

Wouldn’t it be a little anxious if your dog had its tail lowered? I think some people may wonder, “Is it scary?” Or “Is it uneasy?” In fact, there are other reasons for dogs to lower their tails besides scary and anxious. Know why your dog has a lower tail and get a feel for it. Here, we also introduce measures to be taken when the dog’s tail goes down, so please refer to it.

Why do dogs lower their tails?

Why dogs lower their tails

Dogs can’t speak, so they raise and lower their tails as they change their minds. It is well known that you are “scary” when you lower your tail and get caught up in your stomach.

In fact, when a dog lowers its tail, it may change its mind and hide the symptoms of illness. It is important not only to assume that the dog is lowering its tail = “scary”, but also to judge the appearance of the dog.

Why do dogs lower their tails?

So when does a dog lower its tail? Here are three typical feelings. Please also refer to the features other than the tail.


When the tail hangs loosely, the dog is proof of calm. The point of how to lower is that “it naturally lowers with the tail relaxed”.

If you check the condition of your ears at this time, you will find that your ears are facing in a natural direction without any force. Don’t worry when you’re calm and your tail is down, so don’t worry and treat yourself as usual.

Why do dogs lower their tails?

Feeling anxious / fear

When feeling anxious or scared, the dog’s tail may drop and get caught in the stomach.

This condition is often seen when the dog’s feelings are unstable, such as when the owner gets angry, when he goes to a place with many dogs, or when the puppy takes a walk for the first time.

Even innocent dogs often get caught in their tails when they go to a veterinary clinic. If you are feeling anxious or scared, in addition to involving your tail, your ears will fall back, so please check this as well.

Poor physical condition

Your body may be painful due to poor physical condition, and your tail may be lowered when the tension is low. If you have any abnormalities other than the lowering of your tail, such as lack of energy or appetite, or pain when you touch your tail, suspect your illness.

By observing the dog’s condition daily and touching the body to check it, it is possible to detect illness at an early stage.

Why do dogs lower their tails?

What is a disease that hurts the tail?

If you see barking or pain when you touch your tail, suspect your illness. Three types of illnesses hurt your tail:

・ Anal pouchitis

・ Cauda equina syndrome

・ Fracture or dislocation of the tail

If you have pain in your tailor if you feel that you are worried about your buttocks, go to the hospital and have it examined. Early treatment is desired because dogs are stressed by all illnesses in their daily lives.

Why do dogs lower their tails?

Reasons when the tail is down

If you see your dog’s tail hanging down, first consider why. The measures to be taken depend on the reason.

Here’s what to do when your dog feels anxious or scared, or when he’s stressed and his tail is down.


If you’re feeling anxious or scared, it’s best to reassure your dog. If the owner feels like “I’m scared, I’m worried” in sync with the dog’s feelings, the dog will detect the feelings and remain unstable.

Dogs can be relieved by being a reliable owner who says, “I’m here, so you can rest assured!” It is also effective to release tension with your favorite toys.

Relieve stress

If you know the cause, such as lack of exercise, stress that you cannot play, or stress due to poor physical condition, removing the stress will change the condition of your tail.

If you have any thoughts, such as being busy lately and not playing much, let’s first eliminate the cause. In the case of stress due to dissatisfaction, the state of the tail will return to normal once the stress is relieved.

However, if you have any physical abnormalities such as pain when you touch your body or lack of appetite and defecation does not go smoothly, please go to the hospital as soon as possible. You may be feeling stressed by poor physical condition.

Ideally, the tail should be relaxed and in a natural position

It is often said that it is not good for a dog’s tail to go down, but please be assured that you are in a mentally calm state when you are in a relaxed and natural position. It is important to keep an eye on your dog regularly so that you can notice it early if you have an extremely entangled tailor if you feel unwell. Because it’s a dog that can’t speak a language, let’s try to get a feel for it with its tail.