How to raise a toy poodle baby

A baby toy poodle that looks like a stuffed animal. According to the number of registered dogs by dog ​​type announced by the Japan Kennel Club, the number of registered toy poodles in 2018 exceeded 70,000, and it can be said that its popularity is top class. This time, I would like to explain the basics of such toy poodle babies, such as the number of babies born and the speed of growth. If you like toy poodles, this is a must-see!

How to raise a toy poodle baby

How many toy poodles are born?

Larger dogs tend to give birth to more dogs, but it is said that a toy poodle gives birth to about 3 to 4 dogs at a time. It is not so prolific because it is a small breed of dog. However, it seems that some mother dogs give birth to about 7 dogs at a time, so there are individual differences.

What is the process from pregnancy to childbirth?

The gestation period is the same as other breeds, with an average of 63 days. It is said that if you palpate your abdomen in about one month of pregnancy, you can tell how many babies are in your abdomen. I am.

As the birth approaches, the mother dog becomes restless as a sign. You may take a rough breath, stop eating, or vomit.

When the uterus contracts, clear water called fetal water flows out. And over time, the first one comes out of the birth canal. It takes about 3-4 hours from the first child to the last child, but it may take longer in the case of dystocia or breech birth.

How to raise a toy poodle baby

The appearance and weight of the newborn baby

This also depends on individual differences, but the weight of a toy poodle baby immediately after giving birth is about 150 to 200 g. The height is about 7 cm and the body length is about 7.5 cm, which shows that it is very small.

Although it is not a certified dog breed by JKC (Japan Kennel Club), it is expected to be smaller when the “Tea Cup Poodle” is born.

After being born, the size and weight of the body continue to grow, reaching a peak in the second half of life. It will take a little longer to become an adult dog, but in the case of a toy poodle, it can be said that the growth of the body will be completed in about the second half of life.

Differences between baby and adult toy poodles

Baby toy poodles and adult dogs are clearly different in size, but what else is there?

How to raise a toy poodle baby

Coat color fading/change

A characteristic of toy poodles is that the coat color fades from around the first few months of life. This depends on the amount of melanin synthesized in the body, but if there is not enough melanin, the coat color will become lighter, and although it was red when it was born, it gradually changes like apricot or brown. However, it may fade to a coat color like cafe au lait.

To prevent fading, a nutrient called tyrosine is essential, and it seems that there is a method of promoting melanin synthesis by feeding a puppy food containing this tyrosine. It’s just a matter of the appearance of the coat color, so if you like the natural coat color of the toy poodle, you may not have to worry too much about it.

On the contrary, it seems that the opposite phenomenon of the appearance of coat color, in which the coat color is light at birth but becomes darker as it grows, may occur.

How to raise a toy poodle baby

What kind of food do you have for a baby toy poodle?

Baby toy poodles are very active and have a lot of exercises, and surprisingly eat a lot of rice.

For a baby about 2 months old, the ideal number of meals per day is about 3 times, so if the amount of 72g per day is appropriate, one meal will be about 24g. Since it is a breed of dog that eats well and exercises well, it is necessary to be careful about obesity due to excessive calorie intake. In particular, most toy poodles are kept indoors, so it is easy to fall into lack of exercise, so daily health checks are important from the time you are a baby.

By touching your body, you can see the condition of your ribs and flesh, so are you too thin? Are you overweight? Let’s consciously check from the time of baby to puppy.

Grow your toy poodle with lots of love!

The popularity of toy poodles is truly unabated, and the secret of their popularity is their bright and lively personality, as well as their cute appearance.

However, no matter how cute you look, basic discipline is required, so start with simple discipline such as “call your name” from the time you were a baby or puppy. Many people will pick up a toy poodle at home when they are a few months old puppies, but please be careful about your health and grow your toy poodle with a lot of love.