Golden Retriever features and personality, how to keep

The Golden Retriever’s ancestors are said to be a yellow-haired “Nu” dog born from a wavy-haired retriever breed owned by a Scottish dog lover. After that, it became a clever bird hunting dog that was bred with setters and spaniels who are good at swimming and carried in addition to the birds shot down by hunting. It was called the Yellow Retriever or Golden Retriever since 1913 but was unified into the Golden Retriever name in 1920. Today, it is loved around the world as an excellent companion dog.

Golden Retriever features and personality, how to keep

Golden retriever features

A large dog, the Golden Retriever, with a strong body and beautiful golden coat. The friendly and emotional dark brown eyes and jet-black nose are charming. It is loved as a companion dog all over the world because of its mildness, affection, and high learning ability. In addition, he is active in various fields such as guide dogs, hearing dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs, and drug investigation dogs.

7 personality types of golden retriever

1. Gentle and considerate

The big golden retrievers of this personality type are the most common and the most common. They are the little padded jackets of the owner and the caring big treasure. Not only is it nice to the family, but it is also very docile to outsiders.

2. Tsundere type

Although they like and even love their master very much, their arrogant temperament is not straightforward. Their usual attitude is: if you don’t come to me, I won’t take the initiative to find you. If you come to me, I reluctantly. You.

3. Sticky type

They like to stick to their master, and follow wherever the master is. When the master cooks, it must be surrounded by the feet of the master, when the master goes to the toilet, it must guard the door, and the master sleeps, it must watch by the side…

4. Independent

Under normal circumstances, you will not rely on the owner very much. If the owner is not at home, he will entertain himself. It has something to eat, drink, and play, just look at the owner from time to time.

5. timid and sensitive

They are very sensitive to outside things and strangers. Once they see strangers or unfamiliar dogs, they will hide behind their owners. If such a golden retriever is not due to a natural personality, it is the result of an acquired lack of social interaction or excessive bullying in his childhood.

6. Enthusiastic and generous

This type is completely opposite to the one above. This type of golden retriever sees people very enthusiastically, and some even reach the point where it doesn’t distinguish between friends and enemies. The owner should not expect such a golden retriever to look after the house. If a thief enters the house, it may give him things generously.

7. mischievous

Golden Retrievers before one or two years old are somewhat like mischievous, dismantling, biting, bashing, etc. If there are these bad habits, the owner must correct them in time, otherwise it will be very troublesome in the future. When the golden retriever is about three months old, the owner can prepare some delicious dog treats such as freeze-dried chicken cubes and train it.

No matter what type of golden retriever, it loves its owner, but at the same time it loves to eat. When it sees it, its eyes shine. If you are really good for your own golden retriever, it is recommended that the shit shoveling officer should hold back and must not feed it indiscriminately.

For the golden retriever’s health and long hair, the owner can choose some low-salt nutrition and good-hair dog food as the staple food, such as “non-greasy dog ​​food”, light and low-salt, add deep-sea fish oil and kelp powder, For skin care and hairdressing, you can mix and match egg yolks, vegetables and fruits occasionally to give you a more comprehensive nutrition!

Golden Retriever features and personality, how to keep

The size of a golden retriever

Males are 56-61 cm tall and weigh 29-32 kg, and females are 51-56 cm tall and weigh 25-27 kg, and are classified as large dogs. There are dogs of the same breed that look very different and can be classified as English, American, or field (hunting). Overall, the head is relatively large, but it has a well-proportioned body and a strong body. Long hair grows on the chest, forefoot, abdomen, and under the tail.

Male height: 56-61 cm / weight: 29-32 kg

Female height: 51-56 cm / weight: 25-27 kg

Golden retriever coat color types

The color of the Golden Retriever’s coat is a beautiful golden shade of gold or cream. Not red or mahogany. The slightly visible white is only acceptable on the chest. The coat is double-coated, the upper hair is smooth or wavy, and the lower hair is dense. There are ornamental hairs on the front legs and chest, and when you run, they look wavy.

Golden Retriever features and personality, how to keep

Golden retriever worried illness

・ A life-threatening illness that causes the stomach to twist and accumulates gas and liquid, “stomach twist”

・ “Heatstroke” that you should be careful of because you have a lot of hair and are vulnerable to heat.

・ Abnormal hip joint growth and formation, walking while shaking the buttocks “hip dysplasia”

・ A “malignant tumor” that can cause life-threatening malignant lumps on all parts of the body, including the skin and internal organs.

Golden Retriever features and personality, how to keep

How to keep a golden retriever

Point 1

Secure enough exercise outdoors every day

It is a very active breed that requires a lot of exercises. Don’t miss a 30-minute walk every morning and evening. In addition, let’s do free exercise such as dog run, and incorporate intellectual play and dog sports. It is suitable for people who have some physical strength and can control large dogs because they are strong and can fall when pulled. This breed is ideal for outdoor leisure activities such as camping and playing in the river, and for those who want to enjoy dog ​​sports together.

Point 2

Satisfy the retriever’s desires by playing with Mottekoi

A “retriever” is a type of bird hunting dog that collects prey, and these breeds have the habit of collecting things and bringing them to their owners. Therefore, let’s satisfy your instinctive desires by incorporating play that makes use of the retriever’s habits, such as motte koi play that throws the ball and brings it, and treasure hunt play that hides the ball and toys in discs, towels, and so on. Also, since it is a breed of dog that has a strong desire to please its owner, if you give it a role by teaching commands such as “bring a newspaper” in your daily life, it will respond lively.

Point 3

Be careful of heatstroke

The golden retriever’s coat is a double coat and the lower hair grows densely, so it is difficult for heat to escape, so you need to be careful about heatstroke in the summer. Set the temperature in the room so that the dog does not hurt, and be careful about the humidity so that you can spend your time comfortably. Also, avoid walking and playing during the hot days, and do it early in the morning or in the cooler hours after sunset.

Point 4

Select a non-slip floor

One of the illnesses that Golden Retrievers want to be aware of is joint problems such as hip dysplasia. A lively golden retriever constantly roaming the slippery flooring can put a lot of strain on the joints and can be prone to symptoms. Also, since we weigh around 30 kg, it becomes difficult to stabilize the center of gravity on a slippery floor as muscle mass decreases with age. Choose a non-slip flooring material for your living space.

Point 5

Daily brushing is essential

Golden retrievers lose a large amount of lower hair during the molting period. Also, if the lower hair remains on the body surface during the hot season and interferes with breathability, it may cause dermatitis, so brush every day during the molting period to remove hair loss. Except during the molt period, wipe your whole body with a towel soaked in hot water and squeezed tightly once or twice a week, or brush it as a massage.

Point 6

I have a strong appetite, so I have to devise ways to prevent eating at once.

Give your main diet a comprehensive nutritional diet that is designed to balance nutrition with food and water alone. Golden retrievers are greedy, but be sure to give them a proper amount of food and keep a small number of snacks to maintain a proper weight.

Also, if the hood is too hot, you may swallow a large amount of air, so you may want to use a warm air-proof device.

When choosing a food, it is a good idea to choose a food that is enriched with ingredients that keep the skin and skin healthy, as Golden Retrievers have rich skin and are prone to skin diseases. If in doubt, consult a veterinary clinic.

Update time: 2021.8.31