How Dogs Help People Fight With Stress

Many people find it difficult to cope with the stress and anxiety they may experience due to work, family circumstances, and familiar responsibilities. Because of this, many of us find it difficult to cope with the demands of everyday life. Sometimes even when we play online Blackjack or watch movies, we cannot completely relax from stress. However, research shows that pets can have a positive effect on the mental health of owners during these difficult times and more.

Dogs and People: A Brief History

Dogs have always been closely related to humans-mainly because they’ve evolved side by side over a long time. Probably back when humans were hunters and gatherers, some wolves went to them from their packs to constantly feed on their food scraps.

Since then, the relationship between dogs and humans has changed, and domesticated animals have become commonplace in many countries.

Why Are Dogs the Perfect Human Companions?

These days, puppies are born among humans, which means that most of them immediately recognize us and feel comfortable in our presence. And a strong attachment forms between dogs and their owners simply because they spend a lot of time together.

Caring for a living creature with its needs can enrich our lives, which is especially important for dog owners who find themselves isolated during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, dogs are able to interpret their owners’ communication cues and understand when something is going on. They adapt their behavior to the owner’s lifestyle, and in some cases this means that dogs help people deal with stress.

They often understand our intentions, moods, gestures, looks and perhaps our emotions, thanks to having lived around humans for a long time.

Do Dogs Save Us From Anxiety?

With the current pandemic causing isolation in some regions, being able to interact with dogs can brighten our lives. For those who live alone, companion dogs are especially important, able to keep their owners company and alleviate feelings of loneliness for them.

Many of us find emotional relief from close physical contact with a dog. When you pet your pet, feeling the warmth of his body, when he comes to you to socialize, it can improve your mood and be a boost to you. It’s also nice to know that your dog is always there for you, at any time of the day or night.

What Other Benefits Dogs Have for Your Mental Health

During the process of domestication, humans gave preference to those animals that had features in their appearance that were characteristic of children and evoked emotional reactions in humans that promoted attachment, namely a large head in relation to the body and large eyes, and the ability to look into people’s eyes. Studies show that when a person meets a pet’s gaze, it can cause them both to release oxytocin. This hormone triggers certain physiological reactions that can lead to positive emotions – like slowing the heart rate.

Regular Walks With Your Dog

Daily walks with your dog, as long as it does not conflict with local restrictions, provide an opportunity to get fresh air, exercise and socialize with other dog owners at a safe distance. This helps reduce the stress and anxiety that can result from isolation. And your dog gets a chance to get rid of excess stored energy in the process.