Why is my dog shaking and what is the reason

Have you ever noticed that some dogs tremble in warm weather and you don’t know why? Most of the time we think that the dog’s trembling is because it is too cold or because of timidity, but there are many other reasons that make the dog tremble constantly.

Why is my dog shaking and what is the reason

1. Thermoregulation

Dogs are warm-blooded animals and need to maintain a constant body temperature. Shaking can quickly and effectively increase the body temperature by trembling in severe cold conditions. At the same time, dogs will tremble when they catch a cold and have a fever, just like us humans. , Trembles in the cold winter, and also trembles when the fever is high.

2. Excitement/anxiety/fear

All these emotional reactions can cause some dogs to tremble. For example, some dogs will tremble with excitement and jump up and down after seeing the owner for a long time, and even more excited urinary incontinence, and some dogs will tremble after the owner leaves when they are sent to foster care. , And some dogs will tremble in thunderstorms, when they hear the whistle of a car, or when they hear the sound of firecrackers, or when they see certain objects, these are normal phenomena, and they can be trained through certain training. Can restore pets to normal.

3. Pain

Pain can cause the dog to tremble, whether it is acute trauma or chronic pain. But we need to be aware that not all dogs tremble in pain. To

4. Medical illness

A variety of potential health problems, from kidney failure to hormonal imbalance, will produce tremor, such as chronic kidney disease, neurological disease and muscle disease usually cause tremor; and food poisoning caused tremor, such as accidentally eating chocolate, grape seeds Wait.

5. Muscle weakness

Muscle atrophy or weakness, especially hind limb muscle atrophy or weakness, often causes tremor. This may be due to age-related muscle weakness that causes the hind limbs to tremble. To

6. Puppies trembling

For newly born puppies, trembling seems to be a normal fact of life. There are many theories about why trembling occurs, but none of them have been proven to be completely correct.

7. What should I do if tremor occurs?

Shaking dogs always make the owner feel uneasy, especially when you think your dog is “normal.”

If you find that your dog is shaking, the first thing you need to do is to determine whether there is something in the environment that makes your dog feel anxious or scared. According to the specific situation, let you all feel at ease. In addition, you also need to pay attention to whether your dog’s body temperature is normal (37.7-39.2 degrees Celsius).

When the dog’s body temperature is too high or too low, you should ask the veterinarian for help.

If your dog doesn’t look anxious or scared and has a normal body temperature, you should take your pet and see it like a professional pet, especially when the following situations occur:

The trembling lasted more than an hour.

Accompanied by other symptoms, such as drowsiness, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, etc.

You can find a potential toxin in the environment your dog might be exposed to.

As with most medical problems, the sooner the cause of a dog’s tremor is discovered and handled properly, the better it will be for you.

Why does the dog tremble?

1. The dog is poisoned

Dogs trembling may also be caused by eating something toxic to them, or by accidentally ingesting human drugs or chemical detergents. The typical symptoms of food poisoning are foaming, convulsions or body shaking.

Then the body became stiff and gradually turned to death. Once it is found that the dog has eaten toxic substances by mistake, it must be sent to the hospital immediately and rescued as soon as possible!

2. The dog is unwell

Shaking may also be a pathological symptom, such as chronic renal failure, neuromuscular disease, trauma, muscle problems, canine distemper, epilepsy, etc., which may cause the dog to tremble.

If the dog keeps trembling inexplicably, it should be sent to the pet hospital for examination as soon as possible!

3. Dogs are scared

Because of extreme fear and fear, dogs will show their physiological reactions. For example, when encountering an unfamiliar environment, going to a pet hospital, or encountering thunder, they may begin to tremble.

This means that the dog is very anxious and restless, and may also be accompanied by other signals, such as curling up, drooling, panting, whining, etc.!

4. Dogs are lacking in calcium

If the dog doesn’t eat the wrong food and keeps twitching, especially the twitching of the hind legs, it may be caused by calcium deficiency. Generally, the dog is most likely to lose a large amount of calcium after giving birth, leading to postpartum twitching.

In such a situation, the owner may as well feed the dog some pet calcium tablets, so that the dog will be able to solve the situation such as shaking of the dog!

5. Because the temperature is low

It is possible that the dog’s shaking is simply because of the cold. If you take your dog out in a cold weather and find that it is shaking, it means it’s time to return to a warm home.

If you find that your dog is shaking at home, please close the windows first to ensure that the room is warm enough. Generally short-haired dogs, small dogs, and dogs whose origin is not in the cold zone are more afraid of the cold!

Attention to dog breeding:

In addition to knowing these, you should also pay more attention to the dog’s diet. It is recommended that the owner should not give the dog food or dog food that is high in salt and more additives.

Dogs are prone to problems such as rough hair, tear marks, black and smelly stools for a long time, and the choice of dog food is very important. It is recommended that the owner choose a safe and nutritious natural food.

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