why is my dog eating grass all of a sudden

When you first learned about the dog eating grass, did you doubt the truth of it?

However, when you are more attentive and see your dog playing outside with your own eyes, lying on the grass in the park or in the wild chewing grass with relish, it is estimated that your inner activities at this time are like this:

why is my dog eating grass all of a sudden

In this regard, most people will feel surprised, and can’t help but ask: Why do dogs eat grass, don’t they all like to eat meat?

In this regard, some people think that when dogs feel sick in their stomach after eating strange things, they will induce vomiting by eating grass. In fact, this statement is not true, because in fact most dogs do not show signs of illness before eating grass. Moreover, many dogs will not vomit even after eating grass.

There are also people who think that the dog eating grass simply likes the chewing texture of the grass—just like many people like to eat lettuce and celery. There is no exact medical reason why dogs eat grass, but some veterinarians also give some explanations:

1. The dog is bored

Because Wang Xing people do not manage their physical strength properly, when Wang Xing people feel excessive physical strength, they will show obsessive-compulsive disorder-like behaviors to consume their physical strength. Such as biting, or constantly chewing on something-grass. So take your pets out for a walk.

2. There may be a lack of certain nutrients in the body

Dogs may need vitamins in certain plants. In order to meet the body’s nutritional needs, dogs have to give up their favorite meat and eat a little grass to regulate the body.

Another situation is that the dog may feel that the food has been too good recently, and the stomach is a little greasy and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to take in part of the crude fiber to regulate the stomach. In the age when even health experts would tell us to eat crude fiber, add it to the dog. A little crude fiber is also necessary. After all, a good gastrointestinal tract can taste delicious.

3. Eating grass causes vomiting

When Akita dogs feel that there is something in their stomach that cannot be digested, they will eat grass to induce vomiting and expel the contents of the stomach, thereby reducing the burden on the stomach. In other words, the Akita dog eats grass. The behavior is helpful to their stomachs, and the owner does not need to stop them.

4.attracted by the grass

When Akita dogs go out to play, they are likely to be attracted by the smell of the surrounding green grass. At this time, they will eat the green grass out of curiosity, but sometimes they will not eat it in their stomachs, just Keep nibbling. Don’t worry about this, just make sure that there are no pesticides on the grass.

5.due to heterophagia

Under certain circumstances, the Akita dog eating grass may be due to the peculiarism, and usually the cause of the Akita dog suffering from the peculiarism is: lack of vitamins or imbalanced nutrition in the body. At this time, The owner only needs to supplement them with some vitamins to relieve them.

6. the influence of grazing behavior

Although dogs are an omnivorous animal, the food they eat is mainly meat, but the grass does not affect their physical development, so it is normal for Akita dogs to eat grass, so don’t worry too much. .

7.loss of some functions

I don’t know if everyone knows, dogs have the ability to purge vitamin C on their own, which means that the owner does not need to supplement the Akita dog with vitamin C, but this function may be in some situations If there is a problem, the Akita will eat grass to supplement the vitamin C that the body lacks.

So, is it dangerous for dogs to eat grass?

There is currently no research to prove that dogs eating grass is a concern for owners, but considering that dogs may eat herbicides when eating grass, I suggest that all pet owners, when taking Wang Xingren out, please refrain from going there. Playground with uncertain safety.

What if the dog vomits after eating grass?

In fact, don’t worry too much, as long as the dog vomits after eating grass for a short period of time, most of them can rest assured. Because the dog may swallow the grass directly because it is full of jujubes, the burr on the petiole may sting to the stomach wall and cause vomiting.

Or, the dog is usually used to big fish and meat, and suddenly eats some coarse grains. The gastrointestinal discomfort caused by too much dietary changes, so vomiting. All of the above are normal physiological conditions for dogs. But if you vomit every day and cannot eat well, you should consult a veterinarian in time and get help.

For dogs, improving food occasionally is good for physical and mental health. If you think that there will be pesticides and other harmful substances in the grass outside, the shovel officers can choose some safe alternatives to grass for the dog.

For example, feeding dogs fresh carrots, peeled celery or lettuce can actually replace grass. The texture of these vegetables is similar to that of grass. Sweet potatoes, white radishes, cabbage, broccoli, peeled potatoes, and peas are all edible. Fruits can eat some apples, pineapples, oranges, peaches (please pay attention to remove the peach core), strawberries, watermelon (except for the skin, because it will cause intestinal obstruction), bananas, blueberries, kiwi, lemon (you can also observe the dog Sour and embarrassing).

Even if you can eat it, please remember: don’t overdo it!