why does my dog follow me everywhere

Everyone who keeps furry knows that dogs like to follow their owner from east to west, observing the owner’s every move. It’s really cute. So why is the dog following you? Today we will answer them one by one.

why does my dog follow me everywhere

  Follow you, by nature?

You may have heard of ducklings’ “printing behavior”, that is, some young birds and mammals that have just hatched follow the first moving object they see, and the same is true for puppies. Animal behaviorist Birch said: “Puppies will make an impression on people, and the imprinting period of puppies is between 3 and 12 weeks.”

Of course, apart from the first impression, when a dog knows what it likes, such as dog food from a certain person, they are more willing to follow that person. Some breeds, especially those that have been bred for centuries to work with humans, are more willing to stick to people.

However, the more time to accompany the dog to get the dog to follow is the obvious reason. Dr. Laurie Santos, director of the Canine Cognition Center at Yale University and a professor of psychology, said, “During domestication, natural selection turns dogs into human companions. Today, the’bond between domestic dogs and humans’ ‘Just like parents and children.”

In fact, some people think that dogs are even better at understanding humans than primates, which are genetically more similar to humans.

why does my dog follow me everywhere

  Knowing you can get more

Some people say that dogs follow you for food rations~ Yes, this is one reason, but not all. When a dog is with people, it can come into contact with things it likes, such as food rewards, petting, fun activities and company.

So a smart dog will take time to study your every move, so as to help her understand you better and better understand the meaning of your actions.

All studies support this explanation. Dogs are observing our every move, to see if we give them hints, and to seize every opportunity to communicate. In this way, they can predict whether it’s time for a walk or dinner time. They have become human language experts in the animal kingdom-including body language and spoken language.

why does my dog follow me everywhere

  Owner’s love in income

The emotions of man and dog are two-way. Love dogs can prevent loneliness, such as when playing and exercising, people can benefit from it. Dogs who want to be close to us make us feel loved, and everyone can benefit from love.

When with a dog, even brief contact with the dog can reduce anxiety. In addition, the dog can improve our health and allow us to exercise more regularly, thereby reducing stress.

In addition, the ability of dogs to display magical understanding of our intentions is the catalyst for us to establish contact with them, and may even be the reason why we have modern lives. It makes sense for some people to call our dog our “best friend”. Because dogs understand humans, and it is this ability to understand our needs that enables dogs to help humans thrive in the agricultural revolution, because without dogs, we might never graze on a large scale and work in large fields.

  Too sticky you will have problems

A clingy dog ​​is likable, but if it is too much, it may have health problems. For example, if the dog chooses a specific person to communicate with and fears everyone else, the dog may suffer from social or separation anxiety disorder and is accompanied by fear of aggression or other behavioral problems.

Encountered similar problems, the researcher suggested giving the dog some interactive toys to divert attention, or try to let it listen to the radio and watch TV. The owner can also try to leave for a few minutes, and then slowly leave for an extended period of time until the dog gets used to your leaving.

  Your dog is very curious about what you are doing

Dogs are naturally curious animals. They observe our behavior and track us anywhere, just trying to figure out what we are doing, because they don’t fully understand the purpose of our behavior, nor why we are doing these sports, so they want to know. Maybe your puppy will always stare at you while you are typing in front of the computer. He may wonder why you waste time doing this when you can cuddled up?

When you are tidying up the room or just wandering around the house, your dog may think that you are patrolling the house. Your puppy will want to join you. When we see how dogs react to strangers at the door, we can know that dogs attach great importance to protecting their homes. So when they think we are doing our patrol in the house, our dogs naturally want to help us complete this very important task.

  You are teaching your dog to follow you

If you give them love and attention every time you look at your dogs, then you are teaching them to follow you. They know that being close to us means that they get something positive. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you may consider ignoring them or giving them a toy to play in another room so your dog can learn to be independent.

  Your dog may feel uncomfortable

If your dog suddenly starts running around with you and sticks together, it may be sick or uncomfortable. The dog does not understand being sick, so physical discomfort will make them feel scared and confused. So when they feel uncomfortable, they will turn to you for comfort. If you notice that your puppy is sticking to you and may get sick, you should consult a doctor to see if the dog is suffering from a certain disease.

  They may feel bored and have nothing to do

If your dog follows you around making trouble or looking for fun, then they may be bored. A bored dog can become destructive in order to relieve its idleness, so give your puppy proper mental stimulation. Take the dog for a walk and play with other dogs. Of course, food can also be used to awaken its spirit. When we want to go out for a walk or eat, dogs know that this is the time of the day that makes them the most energetic, and will take the initiative to show good to the owner and become particularly obedient.

  When will dogs become unreasonable?

If you like to drink your dog often together and company with you, it is quite harmonious, but some dogs will be too much. If you find that your dog likes to be close to you when you are by your side, and starts to disrupt when you are not there, then they may have separation anxiety. The sticky dog ​​will feel happy when it is by your side, even if it’s just separation Stay there quietly, but dogs with separation anxiety will feel extremely anxious after you leave, howling constantly, destroying things, and even trying to escape.