Why do dogs eat poop?

Many people may be worried about the “coprophagy” that their dog eats poop. Coprophagy behavior occurs mainly in puppies and is generally considered to subside as they grow. However, the behavior of a cute pet dog eating poop is simply unacceptable. To stop the annoying coprophagy behavior, you first need to know the reason. So, this time, I will introduce the reason why dogs eat poop, countermeasures, and how to handle poop.

Why do dogs eat poop?

Why dogs eat poop (coprophagia)

In fact, the act of “coprophagia” in which a dog eats poop is not unusual. It’s not uncommon, especially in puppy days, and it doesn’t seem to be a health problem as long as there are no parasites. When you see your dog eating his poop, you immediately want to scold him and stop him. But the important thing is to know why dogs eat poop.

Reasons for coprophagia 1. Because it’s delicious

It’s hard for humans to understand, but dogs can find poop delicious. Cat poop is said to be particularly palatable for dogs, and you may need to be careful if you have a dog and a cat together.

Reasons for coprophagia 2. Because I am hungry

Sometimes you’re eating poop just to get rid of your hunger. The most common cause of dogs eating poop is that they are hungry due to a lack of rice. If you continue to be hungry, you will recognize the poop as food and eat it.

Why do dogs eat poop?

Reasons for coprophagia 3. Because I want to attract attention

Dogs sometimes eat poop because they want their owners to bite them. Have you ever had a dog has eaten poop and the owner overreacted loudly? Dogs mistakenly remember their owner’s reaction as “happy.” Therefore, they may eat poop because they want their owners to play and pay attention.

Reasons for coprophagia 4. Because it’s boring

If you spend a lot of time away from home alone, you may be eating or playing with poop to get rid of boredom. If the poop becomes finer after your answering machine, you were likely playing with it in your mouth.

Measures to prevent dogs from eating poop

Coprophagy is basically a benign act. However, the sight of a cute pet dog eating poop is very shocking, isn’t it? Let’s take measures by comparing why your dog eats poop for the reasons introduced earlier.

Why do dogs eat poop?

Coprophagia measures 1. Review your diet

Make sure you have enough food and nutritional balance. As I explained in the previous section, I sometimes eat poop because I feel hungry. Make sure you have the right amount of food.

You can tell if the amount of food is appropriate by looking at the hardness of your dog’s poop. Pinch and check the hardness before your dog eats poop. If the hardness is such that it does not collapse even if you pinch it with your hands and the ground does not get dirty, you can say that the amount of hood is sufficient.

If you have a hard and rolling poop, you may not have enough dodge. On the other hand, if you have a soft poop, you may have too much food. In addition to these, it seems that undigested food is mixed in the poop due to poor digestion and absorption, so it may be eaten as food. In such cases, it is necessary to review the dietary content, such as changing the food that contains a large amount of animal protein that is easy to digest.

Coprophagia measures 2. Compliment and give a snack

If your dog poops, give him a snack right away and praise him. By doing so, the dog will get a treat if he poops and remembers that there are things that are good for him. By repeating this many times, the dog will poop and then come to the owner for a reward without smelling or putting it in his mouth. You can distract the dog from the poop, so let’s get rid of it in the meantime.

Coprophagia measures 3. Do not accumulate stress

Excessive energy due to lack of exercise may cause coprophagia, break things, and other behavioral problems. If your dog behaves like this, let’s not only take a walk every day but also run as hard as you can in a dog run or a large park to release stress with energy.

If you eat poop because you want to get the owner’s attention, you may not have enough time to interact with the owner. Exercise together and spend more time on your skinship.

How to prevent dogs from eating poop

When dealing with poop, be sure to get rid of it as soon as your dog poops. However, it is NG to stop by while the dog is defecating and wait for it to finish because he wants to get rid of it quickly. Because if you show too much interest in the owner’s poop, some dogs will be obsessed with it as well.

If your dog is smelling after defecation and is having a hard time getting away from the poop, distract yourself with toys and treats. Then, when the dog is distracted, treat it as if nothing had happened.

It’s important not to be nervous about your dog

If your dog is coprophagic, don’t be scolded. If you are scolded, you will hide and eat poop where the owner is not looking. Some dogs can lead to problem behaviors such as destroying things.

The act of a cute dog eating poop is very shocking, but it is not abnormal behavior, so it is important not to be too nervous. If the measures do not help, or if you cannot determine the reason, consult a veterinarian or other specialist to find a solution.