Who the hell is a mango worm? Is it true that it also parasitizes people and dogs?

“Mango worm” has become a hot topic in image search on the Internet recently. It looks like a maggot, and it doesn’t feel good to compliment. Does the parasite “Mango Worm” really parasitize humans and dogs? I will explain the actual situation and countermeasures.

Who the hell is a mango worm? Is it true that it also parasitizes people and dogs?

Who is the mango worm?

Mango worms are fly larvae. It is said to have been named because it looks like a fruit mango and is round.

First of all, I will explain who the mango worm is.

A larva of the “botfly” that originally parasitizes horses

Mango worms are botfly larvae that parasitize horses and do not inhabit Japan, but are distributed in the Asian and North American continents.

Let’s explain the life cycle.

First, an egg is laid at the base of the host (horse)’s foot, and the horse licks that part. As a result, the egg moves into the oral cavity and hatches in the mouth.

It passes through the digestive organs as it is and is finally excreted together with dung, but during that time it damages the mucous membrane of the stomach and small intestine, and causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, gastric ulcer, gingival inflammation, colic, anemia, gastric rupture, etc. .. In addition, due to such inflammation, the host cannot eat food and gradually weakens.

Who the hell is a mango worm? Is it true that it also parasitizes people and dogs?

Do mango worms also parasitize dogs?

Since botflies do not live in Japan, they do not infect dogs in Japan. However, although botflies are classified in the Botfly family, there are many types of flies belonging to this Botfly family, and some of them parasitize dogs.

If the dog’s body is injured, it may lay eggs in the wound or entrust the eggs to another intermediate lord (housefly, mosquito, etc.) to parasitize the dog. When the laid eggs hatch, the larvae eat up the living tissue around the wound, causing myiasis.

You may have obvious abnormalities on your skin, or you may not be able to tolerate too much itching and may continue to squeal. In addition, it has a peculiar smell because the tissue that has been eaten up rots. If you feel something is wrong with your dog’s skin or appearance, see a veterinary clinic immediately.

Does it parasitize humans?

For parasitic flies, of course, humans are also hosts. A fly of the same family of Botfly, Dermatobia hominis, corresponds to this.

Dermatobia hominis catch mosquitoes and attach eggs to their abdomen. Eventually, as soon as the mosquitoes reach the human skin to suck blood, the eggs attach to them, and when they hatch, they sneak under the skin and hide.

Since this is a fly that does not live in Japan, it is unlikely that the damage will spread at this time.

If your dog is parasitized by a mango worm

What should I do if my dog ​​is parasitized by fly eggs and larvae? I will explain from the perspective of prevention and treatment.

Prevention is first! To keep mosquitoes and flies away

First of all, it is important to devise ways to keep mosquitoes and flies away. It’s a method of eliminating the root cause of parasitism.

Keep away with preventative and anthelmintic drugs

It is important to keep pests away in the first place by giving them oral medications or instilling pest repellents on their skin. Recent medications are effective against fleas and ticks as well as mosquitoes and flies, so consider regular medications.

Who the hell is a mango worm? Is it true that it also parasitizes people and dogs?

Do not go to places where mosquitoes and flies occur

One of the methods is to keep away from the grass where many mosquitoes live and the place where other dogs have a lot of excrement.

It’s a good idea to avoid such places in your daily walk course. It is also recommended to actively use dog runs on the lawn, which are thoroughly exterminated by pests.

If you are parasitized | Is there a cure?

If you have already been infested with fly larvae, give priority to medical examination at a veterinary clinic.

The basic remedy is to remove all parasitized fly larvae. Specifically, the larvae are removed by extensively cutting the hair to eliminate the place where the larvae hide. If it is difficult to completely remove the larvae, anthelmintic drugs may be used in combination.

Scary mango worms and parasites | Observe and care for your dog on a daily basis

It turns out that mango worms do not exist in Japan and do not parasitize. However, other flies are also common in Japan, and it cannot be said that there is no risk of being infested. It is important for the owner to regularly observe whether there are any injuries such as minor injuries or bedsores of elderly dogs, as well as daily prevention to prevent infestation.