Where To Buy Yeti Colster

Is Yeti discontinuing the Colster?

YETI has discontinued this product and we have limited stock remaining The YETI Colster® is like a stainless steel bear hug (or can cooler) for sodas, beer cans, or longnecks The Load-and-Lock™ Gasket secures the beverage in place while Colster’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the beer or soda frosty longer

Does Coors cans fit in Yeti Colster?

You will notice that with a Coors Light can, however, because the can is taller and a slightly different size than a regular can, you will have to kind of push down harder on the top piece But there is a flexibility to the top, so it will fit fine

Is Brumate better than Yeti?

Brumate are slightly cheaper than Yeti and more versatile – doubling as a can coozie and a cup They have a lifetime warranty while Yeti only offers a 5-year warranty But Yeti Colsters are more durable and are also dishwasher safe

What is the fake can in the Yeti Colster for?

What is the fake can in the Yeti Colster for? 4 answers Most people use this for keeping their can’s cool BUT if you keep the Yeti can and screw the top of it; leave it in the Yeti koozie and now you can keep a bottle of beer cool as well

What are the Yeti sizes?

Size & Capacity Cooler WEIGHT EXTERIOR YETI V Series 35 lbs L 24 3/4 W 16 5/8 Tundra Haul 37 lbs L 28 1/4 W 18 5/8 Tundra 75 34 lbs L 33 1/2 W 17 7/8 Tundra 105 36 lbs L 30 7/8 W 19 3/4

What is the next Yeti color?

Now available in Coral, Chartreuse, and Navy Now available in Coral, Chartreuse, and Navy

Is Yeti Rambler worth the money?

The Yeti Rambler is a durable, versatile bottle that’s great at keeping drinks both hot and cold, and its vast array of lids, sizes and even engravings make it easy to tailor to your life

Can you put beer in a Yeti?

YETI Drinkware is over-engineered Our stainless steel Tumblers, Bottles, Colster® Can Insulators, Mugs, Wine Tumblers, Stackable Pints and Jugs are designed with double-wall vacuum insulation, and a No Sweat™ Design The tumblers will keep your soda, beer, wine, smoothie, or mixed drinks ice cold

Why is Yeti so expensive?

Brand is the #1 reason Yeti coolers are so expensive They cost so much because people are willing to pay more for a Yeti because the brand is desirable Yeti is undeniably THE brand when it comes to expensive roto-moulded coolers When it comes to the high-end cooler market Yeti is still in that position

Is Yeti coming out with new colors 2020?

For 2020, the Rambler is available in a variety of new colors, including Pacific Blue, Coral, and Chartreuse There’s also a special new line of metallic bottles that fall under the “Elements Line” that come in Graphite and Copper

What cans fit in Yeti Colster?

Most cans – whether home to a classic lager, a craft brew, a hard seltzer, or just a classic soda – can’t help the drink inside stay cold Our line of Colster® Can Insulators is like a personal cooler for your can

What brand is comparable to Yeti?

Comparing the Most Popular Cooler Models by Brand Cooler Size (quarts) Price Yeti Cooler 35 $250 Pelican Progear Elite Cooler 30 $225 Engel Deep Blue Cooler 35 $1963 Orca Cooler 26 $200

Do Yeti can coolers float?

The Yeti coolers will float almost every time No matter how bogged down with ice and drinks, the container itself is designed to stay afloat They are manufactured with lightweight plastic and insulation, giving them excellent buoyancy to keep them from sinking

Can you put a Yeti in the microwave?

The short answer is no; microwaving a Yeti is not safe Yeti drinkware, including mugs, tumblers, jugs, and bottles, is made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel Steel, like aluminum or any other conductive metal, does not mix well with radiation emitted by microwaves

Where is Yeti made?

WHERE ARE YETI PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED? Our Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA at facilities located in Iowa and Wisconsin as well as at a facility located in the Philippines Our Hopper coolers and Rambler drinkware are manufactured in China

Is RTIC better than Yeti?

Again, the only real difference between the RTIC and the Yeti is that the RTIC SoftPak 30 can hold more cans (24 vs 30) but ice quantity remains the same at 30 pounds Similar build quality and materials also result in ice life of around 3 ½ to 4 days

Why can’t you put a Yeti in the freezer?

The reason you can’t freeze your Yeti cup is that as liquid cools it expands in all directions The expansion can cause the stainless steel walls of the Yeti cup to deform and can sometimes also break the vacuum seal If this happens your Yeti cup will no longer insulate properly

Is the Yeti can cooler worth it?

Yeti coolers are worth it because they have great ice retention, a high build quality, are almost indestructible and they are THE premium cooler brand to own However, they may not be worth it as there are other cheaper options out there as well as other brands that have higher performance

Can you put a Yeti Colster in the freezer?

You can safely put Yeti cups in the fridge without issue They are designed to handle cold and hot temperatures What you can’t do is put them in the freezer The way liquids expand as they freeze can put pressure on, and break the vacuum seal ruining your cup or bottle

Does Brumate fit Coors Light can?

That’s why we created the Hopsulator TRíO, the most versatile can-cooler in the world It fits all your favorite 16oz craft cans, comes with a freezable adapter for 12oz cans, and with one quick switch turns into a 16oz pint glass *DOES NOT FIT SLIM CANS OR 12OZ COORS CANS

Will a bottle fit in a Yeti Colster?

The YETI Rambler® Colster® will make your tailgates and outdoor events all the more enjoyable The Colster® fits a 12 oz can or bottle, and stays locked in with the Load-and-Lock® Gasket

Does Sierra carry Yeti?

Yeti Cycles Cooler in Home & Pet at Sierra

Are yetis made in China?

WHERE ARE YETI PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED? Our Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA at facilities located in Iowa and Wisconsin as well as at a facility located in the Philippines Our Hopper coolers and Rambler drinkware are manufactured in China

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