Where Is Patagonia

In the southernmost part of South America, Patagonia occupies 260,000 square miles spanning Argentina and Chile The region is known for dramatic mountain peaks, an abundance of glaciers and an array of unique wildlife 6

Why is Patagonia so famous?

But the main reason why Patagonia is famous around the world is because of its landscapes, vast forest, natural reserves, national parks, glaciers and native wildlife Patagonia is called a region that combines many provinces and all of them have different attractions

Is Patagonia a real country?

Patagonia is a distinct geographical region at the base of South America spanning the lower sections of Argentina and Chile Patagonia is a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile At a state level, Patagonia lies inside two countries: Chile and Argentina

Is Patagonia a safe place to travel?

After the initial idea to plan the trip of a lifetime is sparked, travelers often wonder about whether Patagonia, Chile, and Argentina are safe The short answer is, absolutely! Patagonia is a safe travel destination for Americans and other foreign travelers

What language do they speak in Patagonia?

The main language of Chile and Argentina including in Patagonia is Spanish See our Chile and Argentina sections for more information You may be surprised to learn that Welsh is spoken in some parts of Argentine Patagonia

What country owns Patagonia?

Patagonia (Spanish pronunciation: [pataˈɣonja]) refers to a geographical region that encompasses the southern end of South America, governed by Argentina and Chile The region comprises the southern section of the Andes Mountains, lakes, fjords, and glaciers in the west and deserts, tablelands and steppes to the east

Is Patagonia cold?

The zone has a cold, dry climate, with temperatures that are higher along the coast than they are inland and with strong west winds Mean annual temperatures range from 40 to 55 °F (4 to 13 °C), with the maximum temperature reaching about 93 °F (34 °C) and minimum temperatures between 16 and −27 °F (−9 and −33 °C)

What language is spoken 12000 km away in Patagonia and nowhere else?

Patagonian Welsh Native to Argentina Region Chubut Native speakers 1,500-5,000 (2017) Language family Indo-European Celtic Insular Celtic Brittonic Welsh Patagonian Welsh

What countries is Patagonia sold in?

We own and operate offices in the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Chile and Argentina We also operate two distribution centers—our facilities where we receive goods from factories in the US and overseas—and more than 70 Patagonia stores worldwide

How safe is Argentina?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM Overall, Argentina is a country where you should mostly feel safe Follow general rules of precaution and your common sense, and your trip should go smoothly Argentina’s main issue is petty crime on the streets, since its rate is pretty high

Are there crocodiles in Patagonia?

Many species live in the subtropical north Prominent animals include big cats like the jaguar and puma; primates (howler monkey); large reptiles (crocodiles), the Argentine black and white tegu and a species of caiman Some of these species extend into Patagonia

How expensive is Patagonia?

A cheapest daily budget for Patagonia can come in at around $50 USD per dayHow much does it cost to go to Patagonia for two people? Expense Cost (daily) Accommodation $45-$55 USD Food $20 USD Transportation $35 USD Total $100-$110 USD = $50-$55 USD per person

What is the best month to visit Patagonia?

The best times to visit Argentine Patagonia are October through November (springtime in the southern hemisphere) and December through February (summertime) During these months, the weather is mild, and spectators can view natural attractions in their full splendor

Is English spoken in Patagonia?

Multiple languages are spoken in Patagonia Although Spanish might be the official language in Patagonia, don’t be surprised if you come across German, English, Italian and even Welsh speakers on your travels

What is the weather like in Patagonia?

The highest temperatures in Patagonia can be experienced during the summer months, where they can reach around 72 °F (22 °C) The lowest temperatures are during the winter months where they can drop down to 32°F (0°C) at night Patagonia is known for its often windy conditions

Why did the Welsh leave Wales?

However, when Charles II was restored to the English throne in 1660, he instigated a wave of religious intolerance which threatened the rights of several groups to worship in the way that they chose Significant numbers of people – in some cases, whole communities – began to leave Wales

Is Patagonia an American company?

Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, Patagonia is an American clothing company that markets and sells outdoor clothing

Why is Patagonia called the end of the world?

The term “end of the world” refers to Chile being the southernmost country in the world, which is why Chilean Patagonia, the southernmost natural region of the country and at the same time, the southernmost part of the American continent

How did Patagonia become desert?

The Andes, to the desert’s west, are the primary reason for the Patagonian desert status as they inhibit the westerly flow of moisture from the southern Pacific from reaching inland

Who introduced horses to Patagonia?

Mendoza’s administrative charge included the drainage area of the La Plata River and the new colony of Buenos Aires to which Mendoza brought both work and fine warhorses directly from Spain Initially, there were about 100 horses imported

What is the capital of Patagonia?

Neuquén Capital: the largest city in Patagonia – Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina

Can you see Antarctica from Patagonia?

Most Antarctic voyages begin in Patagonia, setting off from Punta Arenas or Ushuaia – the World’s most southerly city Antarctica is like nowhere else on Earth You can see the White Continent in 6 to 32 days, depending on your budget and appetite for adventure

What does the name Patagonia mean?

Patagonia This name, from the Spanish patagon, a large, clumsy foot, was given by Magellan to the country because, seeing the impressions of the great shoes worn by the natives, he imagined them to be giants

Do you need to speak Spanish in Patagonia?

Spanish is the predominant and official language of Patagonia on both sides of the Andes Mountain Range In a few areas, Welsh, German, and Mapudungun are spoken, however, these are minority languages in Patagonia as the vast majority of these residents are bilingual and also speak Spanish

Where is Welsh spoken around the world?

Welsh is spoken natively in Wales, by some in England, and in Y Wladfa (the Welsh colony in Chubut Province, Argentina) Historically, it has also been known in English as “British”, “Cambrian”, “Cambric” and “Cymric”

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