When do you need a dog muzzle?

Dog muzzles used in veterinary clinics and trimming salons are mainly used to prevent biting. Did you know that muzzles have other benefits as well? By using the muzzle at the right place and timing, you will be able to live with your dog with peace of mind without causing unnecessary injuries or problems.

When do you need a dog muzzle?

Here, we will briefly introduce the uses and usage of dog muzzles, and precautions when using them.

What is the use of dog muzzle?

The muzzle is also known as a muzzle, and when attached to the dog’s mouth, it prevents the dog from opening its mouth and is often used for the following purposes.

Not being able to open the mouth is stressful for dogs, but since it has the purpose of preventing biting, it is often used as an item in case of emergency.

Main uses of muzzles

  1.   Biting prevention
  2.   Prevention of unnecessary barking
  3.   Prevention of picking up and eating
  4.   Scratch licking prevention

Biting prevention

The main use of muzzles in veterinary clinics and pet salons is to prevent biting. Covering your mouth with a muzzle reduces the risk of biting and injuring other dogs or people. Even small dogs such as small dogs have a strong biting power, and large dogs have a strong power and can cause serious injuries, so a muzzle may be used to prevent them.

When do you need a dog muzzle?

Prevention of unnecessary barking

Bark can lead to noise problems in apartments and quiet areas. It’s not the ultimate solution to barking, but it can also be used when you want to be quiet, such as when you’re in a state of temporary excitement.

Prevention of picking up and eating

For those who have a habit of picking up and eating food that has fallen on the side of the road during a walk, you can prevent it by putting on a muzzle during the walk. If you have a habit of eating the feces of other dogs or catching and eating small animals such as frogs, you should be careful because there is a risk of parasites. However, if the owner is in good condition, it is not necessary to use a muzzle.

Scratch licking prevention

The muzzle has a function to prevent the dog from licking the wound while healed due to an injury. Licking the wound slows healing, so the muzzle may be used for the same purposes as the Elizabethan collar.

It is also a means to indicate “my child does not bite”

Muzzles with the above uses are temporarily used in places where they come into contact with other dogs (such as dog runs), during a walk, or during a medical examination at a veterinary clinic.

Also, especially when a large dog touches a place or a person for the first time, it is often seen that a muzzle is used to reassure the surrounding people as a performance of “do not bite”.

When do you need a dog muzzle?

How to use a dog’s muzzle

If you wear a dog muzzle, be careful about its size and how you wear it.

Choosing the size of the muzzle is important!

When choosing a muzzle for your dog, be sure to measure it carefully and wear something that fits your dog’s mouth. A muzzle that does not fit will increase the stress on the dog and there is a risk that it will come off or will come off and injure you.

The size of the muzzle is selected by measuring the length of the muzzle / the length around the nose / the length to the back of the ear / the length around the neck / the width of the nose. When buying a commercial muzzle, be sure to choose the one that fits the right size.

How to wear a dog muzzle

Many people don’t like wearing a muzzle at first, so it’s important to get used to it little by little. Try to smell it, put a snack in the muzzle, and make sure that the muzzle is not scary. It’s important to start with just a few seconds and praise your dog for his hard work after wearing it. Let’s extend the time little by little so that you can wear it without anxiety.

Precautions when using a muzzle

It is a muzzle that is used in various situations, but there are some points to be aware of when using it for your dog.

Choose your size carefully

If you have a muzzle with a tightly closed mouth, you may not be able to punting well in hot weather, and you may not be able to dissipate heat to the outside, and there is a risk of heat stroke. The type and size of the muzzle are very important, so choose your muzzle carefully.

Minimum frequency and time of use

For pet dogs whose mouths are usually open, the use of muzzles can lead to considerable stress. Keep the usage to the minimum necessary, and start by getting used to it so that you do not feel any discomfort at first.

Use your dog’s muzzle without stress

Wearing a muzzle leads to stress for your dog, so it is recommended to prevent biting, barking, and eating habits by discipline. However, if you are worried that you will be injured when the dog is not well trained, and if you want to reassure the people around you with a large dog, you can use the muzzle within a reasonable range. I will. When wearing a muzzle, try to keep your dog as stress-free as possible.