What kind of coat color is Akita Inu’s “tiger hair”?

What kind of coat color do you think of when you think of Akita Inu? She is familiar with the ugly dog, and many people imagine white like Wasao and red like Masaru that Alina Zagitova of figure skating started to keep. In fact, Akita Inu has a coat color called tiger hair, which is the second most popular dog after red hair. Here, we will explain what kind of color Akita Inu’s tiger hair is, and also introduce the differences in the types and personalities of tiger hair.

What kind of coat color is Akita Inu's "tiger hair"?

What color is Akita Inu’s tiger hair?

As the name suggests, one of the Akita dog’s coat colors, “tiger hair,” has a mottled pattern like a tiger. Compared to the gentle impression of red and white Akita dogs, it has a dignified and unique personality, so it is a coat color that is deeply popular with some fans.

Akita dogs can be divided into two types: standard short hair and long hair called muku hair, but the most common type of tiger hair is the short hair type. Long-haired tiger hair may also be born, but the reason is that the proportion of short hair is high because the Akita Inu standard does not allow long hair.

Is it difficult to breed tiger hair?

Bringing out the tiger pattern and white areas is difficult breeding that requires the skill of breeders. Therefore, the more beautiful the tiger hair, the higher the price.

However, “beautiful” here is for going to the show and aiming for the top, so if you keep it as a domestic dog, you do not have to be particular about it. If you don’t care about how the pattern appears, the price of tiger hair is almost the same as that of other Akita dogs, and all of them are lovable dogs.

What kind of coat color is Akita Inu's "tiger hair"?

What kind of Akita Inu tiger hair is there?

Did you know that there are different types of tiger hair, even if you say “tiger hair” in a word? The tiger-like pattern does not change, and the colors are divided into three types. The three types of tiger hair have a white “back white” from the chest to the abdomen.

In addition to the color, the appearance of the pattern will change the image, so if you are particular about it, we recommend that you take a look at the parent dog.

Red tiger hair

Red tiger hair refers to a hair color that is based on red and has a black tiger pattern, and most people think of Akita Inu’s tiger hair as red tiger hair. This color has a clear contrast, so it has the most tiger-like color.

Black tiger hair

A black tiger coat refers to a coat color that is based on black and has a brown or whitish tiger pattern. The pattern is a little harder to understand than the other two types, but it is a color that makes you feel the strength peculiar to the black base.

What kind of coat color is Akita Inu's "tiger hair"?

Marbled tiger

Marbled tiger hair refers to a black tiger pattern hair color based on grayish white. The contrast is as clear as the red tiger hair, and the marbled tiger looks like a white tiger.

Does Akita Inu’s tiger hair have a different personality from other coat colors?

The character of the tiger hair, which has an unusual pattern, is as vigilant as other Akita dogs and maybe aggressive depending on how it is kept. However, if the owner can take the leadership firmly, he will grow up to be a very nostalgic and obedient Akita dog.

There is no personality peculiar to tiger hair

It is sometimes said that Akita Inu’s tiger hair is more cautious than other coat colors, but this is uncertain.

On the contrary, there is an opinion that “Akita dog with tiger hair may be the main character in the story, so tiger hair is faithful and easy to keep”, but this theory is not clear, and in general, Akita dog is It is said that there is no difference in personality depending on the coat color.

Akita Inu’s tiger hair is powerful! Let’s grow up with lots of love

Akita Inu’s tiger hair has a powerful appearance and attracts fans, including those who do not keep dogs. It seems that many people are as popular as redheads but do not relate to the image of Akita dogs, and they are sometimes asked “What kind of dog is it?” During a walk. When Akita dogs are puppies, all tiger hair has a blackish coat color, so if you are concerned about the appearance and color of the pattern when you become an adult dog, it may be easier to imagine if you show the parent dog. It may be.