What is the proper weight for a miniature dachshund?

Unfortunately, the miniature dachshund, which is good at spoiling and has a strong appetite, is also prone to obesity. I think there are many owners who are having trouble managing their dog’s weight because they just give him a man when he is stared at. This time, we will introduce the proper weight of miniature dachshunds and measures against obesity.

What is the proper weight for a miniature dachshund?

Average and standard weight of miniature dachshunds

The breed “Dachshund” is classified into three types according to size. The average weight of each is as follows.

・ (Standard) Dachshund: 9-12kg

・ Miniature dachshund: 4.5-5kg

・ Kaninhen Dachshund: Around 3kg

The standard size and weight of the Japan Kennel Club, which hosts dog shows, is as follows.

・ (Standard) Dachshund: Weight 9 kg over 35 cm chest

・ Miniature dachshund: Chest circumference 30-35 cm

・ Kaninhen Dachshund: Chest circumference 30 cm or less

Dax of my home

Of course, just because you’re out of normal weight doesn’t mean that your dog wasn’t a miniature dachshund, so don’t worry.

When we weighed eight miniature dachshunds in our house, the average weight was 4.675 kg. It can be seen that there are individual differences even with the same miniature dachshund, with a large child weighing 6.0 kg and a small child weighing 2.8 kg. Only 2 out of 8 pups were within normal weight.

・ 14 years old ♀: 4.4kg

・ 13 years old ♀: 4.5kg

・ 12 years old ♀: 4.7kg

・ 7 years old ♀: 5.4kg

・ 7 years old ♂: 6.0kg

・ 7 years old ♂: 6.0kg

・ 1 year old ♀: 2.8kg

・ 1 year old ♀: 3.6kg

What is the proper weight for a miniature dachshund?

Appropriate weight and appearance of a miniature dachshund

Originally active as a hunting dog, the miniature dachshund has a muscular and toned body shape, but many children have a strong appetite and are also prone to gain weight. Since the appropriate weight changes depending on the skeleton and muscle mass, it is necessary to manage the weight according to the body shape, not just the weight.

Check with the body condition score (BCS)!

On the Ministry of the Environment’s website, there is a pamphlet entitled “Pet Food Guidelines for Owners-To Protect the Health of Dogs and Cats-“, and the body condition score (BCS), which is the appearance and touch of dogs, is posted in it. There is a table that allows you to check if you are obese by dividing your condition into 5 stages. The body shape of 3 on a 5-point scale is the body shape at the ideal weight. Let’s check if your current body shape is obese.

What is the proper weight for a miniature dachshund?

Miniature dachshund weight gain, obesity and diet

Like us humans, when miniature dachshunds become obese, they are at increased risk of contracting various illnesses. Let’s take measures against obesity so that you can live a healthy and long life by dieting such as diet management and exercise and preventing illness.

Illness due to obesity

A long-torso miniature dachshund can strain the spine and joints and develop a herniated disc when obese. In addition to this, obesity causes diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, so it is especially necessary to take measures to prevent obesity.

What is the proper weight for a miniature dachshund?

Measures to prevent weight gain and obesity

As a measure to prevent the miniature dachshund from becoming obese, first review your diet. If you want to lose weight, instead of reducing the amount of dog food, switch to a weight management food and adjust your calorie intake. Give low-calorie snacks as well. Contraceptive and castrated miniature dachshunds are even easier to gain weight, so be careful.

Dieting also requires exercise. If you are overweight, strenuous exercise can be a burden to your body, so take measures such as lengthening your walks and increasing the number of walks every day.

Firmly manage the weight of the miniature dachshund!

The lovely look of a miniature dachshund can sometimes spoil you, but once you get sick, you have no children. Let’s devise a way to prevent obesity from being stressed so that we can live a healthy and enjoyable life forever.