What is the cute charm of a pug?

When you think of a Busakawa dog, you might think of a “pug”. With a cute and charming look and a gentle personality, Pug is always the top breed in the dog rankings you want to keep.

This time, I will introduce a lot of loved points of such pugs. The more you know about pugs, the more you will surely like them!

What is the cute charm of a pug?

Pug’s cute point 

The wrinkles on the cheeks and the cheeks are the charm points

Wrinkles on the cheeks and forehead are the number one charm point for pugs. Pechan The wrinkles around this nose are so cute.

It seems that the name of the pug comes from the Latin word “pagans (fist)”. When I say so, I feel that it is similar to the atmosphere of Pug’s face with a fist.

What is the cute charm of a pug?

Big, black eyes and drooping ears

The black and moist eyes are very cute. Large hanging ears are also a feature of pugs, but there are rose ears that hang only at the tip and button ears that hang completely.

Pug’s beloved point | Facial expressions and gestures

The pug may have an expressionless image, but it is actually very expressive. Sometimes I look like I’m squinting and laughing.

I’m in trouble but I’m not in trouble

The wrinkles on the forehead increase when you become an adult dog. This wrinkle makes it look like a troubled expression, but this troubled expression is also the charm point of the pug.

A gesture that bends the neck

When the owner talks to the pug, he often makes a squinting gesture. It seems that it is an action to listen to the owner’s words firmly.

Pug’s beloved point | Easy to keep

Pug is a breed of dog that is easy to keep in various households such as those who keep dogs for the first time, families with small children, and elderly people.

What is the cute charm of a pug?

Almost no barking

Pugs are usually characterized by very little barking. Occasionally, when there is a request, I make a small voice, “Bow!”, But I rarely bark “Wow!”.

Well-behaved at your own pace

Pugs can treat dogs they don’t know at their own pace. Therefore, dogs rarely get into fights. A clever man who is well-behaved at his own pace.

Pug’s beloved point | How to sit and walk

Pugs are full of cuteness in how they sit and walk. It is a characteristic of pugs that ordinary behavior looks so cute.

What is the cute charm of a pug?

The tail seen from behind is cute

With short legs, the figure wrapped around the top and waving his hips and walking with potatoes is too cute. The tail shows the feelings of the dog, and when you lower the tail, you are feeling unpleasant or anxious, so please be careful.

How to sit is cute

Often, you sit on the floor with your hips thrown out. The atmosphere like “I don’t feel motivated” is very cute.

Pug’s beloved point | Good personality

A pug with a mild-mannered personality has no offensive side to anyone other than his family. In addition, it is safe because it has a gentle personality and is suitable for multi-headed animals.

What is the cute charm of a pug?

Bright, calm, and rarely angry

Pugs rarely get angry with a roar of “Woo!”. Since it is a dog breed with little alertness, it is friendly to strangers and dogs.

Obedient and easy to discipline

A pug is a clever person who listens to what the owner says. However, I am not good at changing what I have learned once, so consistent discipline is important.

The pug’s greatest interest is the “owner”!

This time, we have introduced a lot of the charms of pugs, which are loved by many people. I don’t have a lot of sticky behavior, but I really like the owner! I am very sensitive to the words and facial expressions of the owner. Please give me a lot of affection.