What food to eat after a dog has diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the most common physical discomforts in a dog. When a dog has diarrhea, he should be given some soft, digestible, and assimilated food to prevent solid, poorly digested food from irritating the stomach and intestines again.  But sometimes the dog will still have diarrhea again after eating soft and fine food. So after the dog has diarrhea, what should the owner do to make it better?

What food to eat after a dog has diarrhea

1. Food

Generally speaking, diarrhea in dogs is closely related to the food they eat. Dogs with diarrhea may eat solid foods that are not well digested and absorbed; eat expired foods; eat too much to support the stomach and intestines; check the trash can for things that should not be eaten after eating or are irritating Sexual food.

When the dog has diarrhea, it should be given some soft and fine food, such as milk cake, nutrient cream, meat porridge, soft dog food with small blisters, these foods are better digested and absorbed, and are not easy to irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Avoid eating solid, poorly digested foods. Also pay attention to the way of feeding, feeding small and large meals, do not let the dog overeating and drink.

What food to eat after a dog has diarrhea

2. eat probiotic powder

In the case of mild diarrhea, you can still eat some soft and thin food. If the diarrhea is severe, it is similar to the situation of pulling water. It is recommended to give the dog it no food first. The time varies from half a day to a day. Give the stomach and intestines a rest for a while to prevent further irritation. And I don’t know what kind of food the dog will be more uncomfortable with, but it’s not good to give the dog food at the moment.

Drinking should not be forbidden during the non-food period, and sufficient drinking water should be ensured to prevent the dog from drying out. Prepare neat warm water for the dog in advance, guide it to drink correctly, and add the probiotic powder to the water for the dog to drink together.

What food to eat after a dog has diarrhea

3.keep warm

If the dog usually lays on the wooden floor or floor tiles, the abdomen is very easy to catch a cold, and it is very easy to diarrhea after the stomach is cold. Even if the dog has diarrhea due to other reasons, it will be more serious if it is lying on the wooden floor at this moment, and the stomach is cold.

Therefore, the owner must pay attention to protect the dog from the cold, let the dog sleep in the dog’s den, or give him a blanket to sleep on the blanket to prevent the abdomen from directly touching the cold wooden floor. If the temperature is too cold, the dog must also be covered with a mattress.

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