what does it mean when a dog licks your face

What do you mean when a dog licks you? When a dog is excited and happy, he licks his owner’s face. We think this is a show of closeness to us. Is this really the case? Why do dogs like to lick human faces? The ancestors of dogs and wolves should be of the same clan. Judging from the behavioral characteristics of dogs and wolves, this is because they cannot hunt by themselves when they are young. Is a behavioral language of parents begging for food. Simply put, it’s acting like a baby.

what does it mean when a dog licks your face

Of course, adult dogs and wolves also have this behavior, which leads to the second reason: licking the face is a friendly and obedient attitude. Because the ancestors of TAs are social animals, they must have leaders, and the strong and weak classes are very distinct, so it is not surprising to use this method to show the weak and please.

show weakness and please

We learned that a dog licking our face is a kind of friendly behavior. Isn’t it necessary to stop it? In fact, it is better to stop it.

First, there are bacteria remaining in the dog’s mouth and between the teeth, and saliva is also the main way to spread the rabies virus.

Second, even if the owner can accept this behavior, others may not be able to bear it. So it’s important to teach dogs not to lick human faces.

unhygienic saliva

Some dogs have not been taught by their owners to not lick their faces since they were young, and their long-standing habits have gradually become obsessive-compulsive disorder. He can’t stop licking. Once he can’t lick, or the owner refuses to lick, he will become restless and anxious.

want to be favored

Dogs also use this behavior to act like a baby to their owner. In other words, the dog’s kiss not only expresses his love for his mother or his master, but also is used to soothe each other or show obedience. If we reject them because we feel annoying, the dog will feel that we are not valued and will feel uneasy

respect for the owner

When a dog makes a licking action, it is also an expression of respect and obedience! At this time, the dog will lower its body to make itself look small. With the movement of raising its head and looking up, the licked dog will stand tall and assume a posture of acceptance. But it will not lick back to show the status of TA!

The smell remains after the meal

Sometimes, you have just finished eating, and there is no time to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth, and there is still a residual smell of food. At this time, the TA will come to smell, lick, and want to get some fishy.

want you to accompany TA

For example, when you go to work for a day, when you come home and open the door, TA will skip to play with you and lick you. At this time, TA wants to tell you, TA misses you, play with me!

What to pay attention to when playing with a dog How to play with a dog

There are several games that humans can play with dogs. But what to play depends on the specific situation, such as the frisbee. Although the puppy can play after training, it will cause joint burden, so it is not suitable!

Choose the right game toy

Many friends give everything to their dogs. You must know that there are many disadvantages. Some things are poisonous and will affect the health of the dogs. There are other owners who play with their dogs with things they don’t want. There is a human smell on them. In the future, if the owner is not at home, the dog will bite his things indiscriminately!

Choose the right venue

Regardless of size, dogs need a certain amount of exercise. Playing with a dog is also a process that consumes a dog’s physical strength. Therefore, you must choose a relatively spacious place with no people, and you need to choose soft grass to play Frisbee.