What are the common diseases of pugs?

Various infectious diseases of pugs are relatively easy to harm the health of pugs, such as common diseases of pugs, canine distemper, small size, these infectious diseases are very serious, and after virus infection, The fatality rate of pet dogs is also very high.

What are the common diseases of pugs?

Pug Dog Disease Prevention

At this stage, there are no reasonable and effective drugs and treatments for small and canine distemper. Therefore, to avoid infectious diseases such as pug virus infection, the key method is to further strengthen daily management and timely inject vaccines into pug dogs to improve body resistance and avoid infectious diseases.

Pug Dog Disease Prevention Diet Precautions

In the process of feeding pugs, it is also very prone to diseases such as the digestive system. For example, because of unreasonable dietary supervision, pugs eat one meal and eat one full meal, and the quality of the prepared ingredients is relatively poor. They often feed some rotten and spoiled ingredients, and the tableware used by pets is often not cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized. Under many conditions, pug dogs are very susceptible to digestion, absorption, and gastrointestinal system diseases.

Pug dog disease prevention food management

To prevent such diseases, it also depends on the parents to further strengthen the supervision of the daily life of the pug. The daily diet should be regular and quantitative, and the prepared ingredients should be balanced and nutritious, fresh, and delicious. Don’t try to give your dog something that it can’t eat (such as chocolate, garlic, green onions, spicy seafood, raw and frozen raw beef, lamb, fish, and other river prawns, etc.). Formulate a set of scientific and reasonable feeding programs to ensure that Pugs can eat scientifically and avoid viral infections of gastrointestinal diseases.