What are the characteristics of Beagle dogs?

Beagle is a relatively small hunting dog. Although it is not easy to raise, it has become a companion pet for many families, and many people want to raise this kind of dog. In addition to the louder barking, what are the characteristics of a dog like a beagle?

What are the characteristics of Beagle dogs?

Although Beagles seem to be very small dogs, they are very energetic, very excited every day, and require a lot of exercises. In other words, this kind of dog requires parents to spend a lot of time exercising together, otherwise, they will be naughty at home.

Beagles exercise a lot, eat more, and have a particularly good appetite. They are more greedy dogs. Parents should pay attention to keeping the food at home, and at the same time, be careful of what the beagle dog digs through the trash can to eat.

As hunting dogs, beagles have a very sensitive and long-lasting sense of smell. If a smell on the ground triggers their curiosity, the dog will definitely smell it everywhere, trying to find the source of the smell. But in many cases, this ability can cause Beagle dogs to eat things by mistake, so when you find dogs smelling messy, you must prevent them from picking up things to eat.

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