What are the breeds of small dogs

There are mainly 14 kinds of small dogs that can be seen in ordinary times, as follows:

What are the breeds of small dogs

1.Bichon Frise

is native to France. Although it is small, the curly bichon frise is quite individual. It has a lively nature and loves freedom, which can bring endless fun to the owner. Its soft and curly coat needs to be trimmed to show off its beautiful dark eyes and round features on its body and head. When the posture is still, it looks like a snow-white, furry toy for children.

Bichon Frise

2.Pekingese dog

is native to China, and the poodle is an ancient pet dog from China. It is a very beloved noble pet. It is docile and lively by nature, and taming it makes some people have fun. This kind of dog likes the home environment and the tidy outdoor environment, and its eyes are shining under the lights. The Chinese also call them blessed dogs. They are depicted in many works of art and are widely respected.

Pekingese dog

3. Beagle

is native to the United Kingdom and is one of the world’s most famous dogs of dog breeds. It is classified as a hunting dog. It is often ranked among the top ten most popular dogs in the United States and Japan, and its popularity has been rising every year.


4.Maltese dog

is native to the Republic of Malta and is the oldest dog breed in Europe that originated in the Medieval Mediterranean region. As early as the reign of British King Henry VIII, the Maltese dog won the favor of the palace aristocracy with its graceful, luxurious, beautiful and charming appearance, and it was popular in the upper class.

Maltese dog

5. Pug

is native to China. At the end of the 18th century, this dog was officially named “Pug”, which means ghost, lion-nosed or little monkey in the old language. Walking like a boxer is its characteristic. It uses the sound of grunting breathing and the sound of sniffing like a horse as the means of communication. Some experts believe that this dog was born in the lowlands of Scotland and was brought back to the West by Dutch merchants from the Far East after being spread to Asia; some experts believe that this dog is an Oriental dog breed, derived from a short-haired breed of the Beijing dog, but in fact it is a northeastern dog The ancestral home is northeast of our country, and the Manchu people call it a lap dog.



Native to Germany, Teddy is actually a way of grooming poodles. The Poodle is a French breed that was once used as a water bird hunting. The breed reached the peak of its development in the 19th and 20th centuries and was used for hunting, performance and companionship. It is loved by the majority of pet users in China.



Native to Mexico, Chihuahuas are widely loved by people for their well-proportioned physique and petite size. They are the smallest in small breeds. They are elegant, alert, and quick to move. They are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. Some people believe that this dog is native to South America, was regarded as a sacred dog by the Incas at the beginning, and then passed to the Astic. It is also believed that this dog was a breed that arrived in the New World with Spanish invaders, or was introduced from China in the early 19th century.


8.butterfly dog

is native to France. It originated in Spain in the 16th century, and some people think it originated in France. It is one of the oldest varieties in Europe. It was officially recognized as a pure blood in 1935.

butterfly dog


Native to Germany, Pomeranian is an outgoing, intelligent and lively dog, which makes it a very good companion dog and also a very competitive competition dog. Its coat colors are white, yellowish cream, flower color, black, red, brown and so on. The Pomeranian was born as a shepherd, smart, and ranked fifth in the intelligence ranking of small dogs, so it is easy to teach and train for breeders.


10.French Bulldog

Native to France, a lively, intelligent, muscular dog with heavy bones, smooth coat, compact structure, and medium or small size. The expression appeared alert, curious, and interested. The French bulldog is kind, honest, loyal, persistent, brave, has a unique taste, and is completely expressed in expressions and movements. Kind to children, but also an excellent toy dog ​​with strong style, strong ability and strong curiosity for new things.

French Bulldog

11.Shih Tzu

is native to Tibet, China, and originated in the 17th century. It originated in Tibet and was bred as a watchdog in a lama temple. Manjusuri, the god of teaching and questioning by lamas, often carries small dogs that turn into lions. The Tibetan Lhasa dog, which looks like a lion, is considered to be closely related to the lion dog. It was taken to Europe in 1908, and the Shih Tzu Club was established in England in 1935. In 1969, the United States recognized this variety and registered it.

Shih Tzu

12.West Highland Dog

is native to Scotland. The Scottish terrier is improved by mating. Small breeds can be used as women’s arms.

West Highland Dog
West Highland Dog


is native to England. The Yorkshire Terrier is named after it was born in Yorkshire in the northeast of England, so it is also called Yorkshire Terrier, Joseph Dog, and Joseph Orangutan. The Yorkshire Terrier is short in stature, second only to the Chihuahua small dog, and has a very strong position in the dog world.



is native to Germany and originated in Germany in the 15th century. It is the only breed that does not contain British ancestry in terriers. Its name Schnauzer means “muzzle” in German. This kind of dog is energetic, lively and cute, and it is a kind of companion dog suitable for family raising. The current schnauzers are divided into three breeds: “standard schnauzers”, “mini schnauzers” and “giant schnauzers”; schnauzers have three breeds, namely giant, standard and small schnauzers. Of the three breeds, the standard schnauzer has the longest history, the giant schnauzer is more recent, and the small schnauzer is the most popular.