What are the breeds of short-legged dogs

The common breeds of dogs with shorter legs relative to body size are as follows:

What are the breeds of short-legged dogs


Corgi is the hottest in the short leg groove. The small short leg and small electric hip are all said to be it. It is native to the United Kingdom and is a pet of the Queen of England. It is now featured in various cute pet videos and pet expressions. Quite high.



Just listen to the name. Dachshund has a long body and short legs. It is quite funny and cute. It will appear in cartoons, especially in American cartoons. The appearance rate is quite high. Nowadays, people who raise sausages in China are also very funny. more and more.


3.English Bulldog

also known as Tiger Dog and Yingdou, is a dog breed that originated in England. The ancestor is said to be a combination of Mastiff Mastiff and Bull Terrier. The face has wrinkles, adult dogs are about 18-25Kg, and the height is 51-64 cm. They are medium-sized dogs. The head is very large, wide, and square. The ears are quite high on the head. The inner edge of the front of the ears is connected to the outline of the head and is located at the back corner of the top of the head. The eyes are located at a relatively ground level on the head. The shape of the eyes is fairly round, of medium size, and very dark in color. The chest and the back of the body appear very wide, the sides are full, the ribs are round, and they appear very deep from the shoulder blades to the bottom. The tail is in a “spiral” shape, is short and drooping, the posture is vertical downward, the root is thick and the tip is thin. Bulldogs look terrifying, but they are kind, kind, and faithful. In addition to these characteristics, it also possesses courage and patience.

4.French Bulldog

French bulls originated in France. These dogs bred with pugs and other terrier breeds to produce today’s French bulldogs. They are loved by everyone, and they are also hotly fired. They are the pets that many celebrities choose to keep.

5.Buggy Dog

Budget Dog, this is a very old breed, directly evolved from the blood dog. The real rumors of the Budget dog have appeared since 1863 at the Paris Dog Show. Popularized in 1883, spread to the United Kingdom, and recognized by the Kennel Club. Its face always maintains a sad expression, but its actual personality is lively, cheerful, smart, compliant, obedient, considerate, loyal and lovely; its short coat does not need to be taken care of frequently, because of long drooling, it is not a person who loves cleanliness. It is the best choice. There are not many domestic raising it, which is relatively rare.

Buggy Dog

6.short legs and long stalks

The name of the short-legged terrier is derived from the name of the dog breeder in the novel by the Walter Envoy. It was originally an excellent hunting dog for hunting small animals such as mice, rabbits, otters, and cave bears. The dog has a large head, long body, and short feet. The coat is fluffy, there is a crown of decorative hair on the head, and the face seems to always maintain a melancholy and angry expression, making it laugh. Friendly and active, he is an excellent family guard dog. This dog barks loudly. When exhibiting, attention is focused on the dense crest hairs, so it must be trimmed regularly and carefully. The head cover is wide and large, the jaw is strong and well developed, and the nose is black. Friendly and active, he is an excellent family guard dog. This dog barks loudly.

short legs and long stalks

7.Skye Terrier

Skye Terrier was bred on the isolated Scottish island of Skye. The residents of the island used it to hunt otters, badgers and foxes. Its keen sense of smell and agile, strong, muscular body are capable of finding them and digging their caves, and then capturing them. The most obvious feature is that it is very short, with a body length approximately equal to twice the height. The body is long, low and level. The body is covered with a thick coat. The long, straight coat hangs on both sides of the body and is covered with ovoid ribs. The head is rich in fur, covering the muzzle and eyes, in order to protect the bushes from chasing other animals. When it stands and moves, its head is raised high and its gait is relaxed. Its body, legs and jaws are very strong. It is a unique, elegant and majestic dog, agile, strong, strong bones and muscular.

Skye Terrier

8. Pug

Pugs are native to China and belong to the same system as the Pekingese. They are considerate and cute small dog breeds. They don’t need to exercise regularly. They are suitable for raising in urban apartments. Many emojis are popular on the Internet. Many of them are pugs and breeders. Also more and more.



Pomeranian is a compact, short-backed, active playing dog. It is a kind of German Fox Terrier, native to Germany. It has a soft, thick undercoat and thick fur. Pomeranian has a large number of fans in China, especially many women like to raise Pomeranian, because Pomeranian is quite beautiful whether he was a child or grown up.


10.chow chow

The Chow Chow is an ancient dog breed originating in Tibet, China. It has a history of at least 2,000 years. It is mainly distributed in colder climates. It is usually used as a companion dog, watchdog, and meat dog. After training, it will also catch mice. . To train the Chow Chow, it is best to let the owner the dog recognizes to train, because the Chow Chow itself is very loyal, and it only recognizes one owner in its lifetime.