13 kinds of big-eared dogs (pictures attached)

In the entire breed of dogs, there are more big-eared dogs. Here are some big-eared pet dogs that you can usually see and can be kept:

What are the breeds of big-eared dogs


is native to the United Kingdom and is one of the world’s most famous dogs of dog breeds. It is classified as a hunting dog. It is often ranked among the top ten most popular dogs in the United States and Japan, and its popularity has been rising every year.


2.French Bulldog

native to France, a lively, intelligent, muscular dog with heavy bones, smooth coat, compact structure, and medium or small size. The expression appeared alert, curious, and interested. The French bulldog is kind, honest, loyal, persistent, brave, has a unique taste, and is completely expressed in expressions and movements. Kind to children, but also an excellent toy dog ​​with strong style, strong ability and strong curiosity for new things.

French Bulldog


Corgi is the hottest in the short leg groove. The small short leg and small electric hip are all said to be it. It is native to the United Kingdom and is a pet of the Queen of England. It is now featured in various cute pet videos and pet expressions. Quite high.


4. Dachshund

Just listen to the name. Dachshund has a long body and short legs. It is quite funny and cute. It will appear in cartoons, especially in American cartoons. The appearance rate is quite high. Nowadays, people who raise sausages in China are also very funny. more and more.


5.Buggy Dog

Budget Dog, this is a very old breed, directly evolved from the blood dog. The real rumors of the Budget dog have appeared since 1863 at the Paris Dog Show. Popularized in 1883, spread to the United Kingdom, and recognized by the Kennel Club. Its face always maintains a sad expression, but its actual personality is lively, cheerful, smart, compliant, obedient, considerate, loyal and lovely; its short coat does not need to be taken care of frequently, because of long drooling, it is not a person who loves cleanliness. It is the best choice. There are not many domestic raising it, which is relatively rare.

Buggy Dog

6.little deer dog

was originally produced in Germany, has its style in many modern famous paintings, and has now been popularized in Europe and the United States. The body is petite, the back hair is short, hard, smooth, and the color is dark brown and tan. The dog is lively and agile, and is currently widely used as a treat. This now-famous playing dog used to be the most favorite working dog and care dog used by local residents when it was early in Germany and Scandinavia.

Buggy Dog

7.Bernese Mountain Dog

is native to Switzerland. In history, it used to be the best helper of shepherds, and it is a favorite playing dog in modern times. It has a firm and harmonious personality, smart, strong and flexible, capable of tasks like dragging or driving herds in the mountains.

Bernese Mountain Dog

8. King Charles Spaniel

Native to England, the King Charles Spaniel was a very favorite dog of Cavalier Charles I, hence the name. Today we know the appearance of the dog is an English terrier with a round head, a raised nose and a protruding jaw. The current appearance of the King Charles Spaniel is very popular, and its ancestor appearance has disappeared.

Bernese Mountain Dog

9.golden retriever

Originally produced in the United Kingdom, it is said that the Golden Retriever was derived from a Russian circus dog breed, but it is still more like the yellow flat-haired spaniel and Tweed spaniel and the later introduced Irish squatting hound and labrador. The Breeder and the Bloodhound were bred from the mating of the Golden Retriever after 1920, and the golden retriever as everyone knows today was used as the official name. Prior to that, it was known as the golden flat-haired dog.

golden retriever

10.English Cocker Spaniel

is native to the United Kingdom. It has superb skills in hunting snipes, so it was dug up in the dog world to form an independent cocaine lineage. The English Cocker Spaniel comes from a family of spaniels with highly diverse body shapes, types, coat colors and hunting abilities, and is one of the oldest known terrestrial hounds.

golden retriever

11. Labrador

is a medium-to-large dog native to Canada. Its personality is gentle, lively, non-aggressive and highly intelligent. It is a suitable dog breed to be selected as a guide dog or other working dog. It ranks among the three non-aggressive dogs alongside Husky and Golden Retriever. Labrador is currently the most registered breed in the American Kennel Club.

golden retriever


was native to England, during the Renaissance, it was considered the ideal companion for European hunters. It became popular in the United States in the 17th century. This is an ancient and pure dog breed, the oldest hunting dog.

golden retriever

13. Saint Bernard

is native to St. Bernard. The St. Bernard can be said to be a representative of large dogs. It is a watchdog native to Switzerland. It has been bred in the St. Bernard Monastery in Switzerland since 1700 and has formed a unique type. The St. Bernard is a descendant of the Alpine Mastiff first brought by the Roman army through Switzerland. The St. Bernard was once a short-haired and aggressive breed.

Update time: 2021.8.31