Ways to train Samoyed dogs

How to train Samoyed dogs, Samoyed dogs have a noble image because of their alertness, strength, flexibility, and beauty. Now more and more people like to keep a cute Samoyed dog as their pet. But if you want to have a well-behaved and obedient Samoyed dog, you have to get it through acquired training. So next I will introduce how to raise Samoyed dogs and how to train Samoyed dogs.

Ways to train Samoyed dogs

What is Samoyed

1. Samoyed (Samoyed), also known as Samoyed, was originally a dog breed bred by the indigenous Samoyed tribe of Siberia. Vigilant, strong, flexible, beautiful, noble, elegant, well-behaved and cute, with a very eye-catching appearance, strong physique, with the title of “smiling angel”, and also known as “smiling angel face, inside of the trickster devil”, before one year old Naughty and smart.

2. The color of the Samoyed dog is white; some have very light brown, cheese, and light brown. In addition, other colors are disqualified. There has been a gray-white Satsuma in the world. FCI admits that he is a returned Satsuma with a purebred Samoyed gene. Black Samoyeds are extremely rare.

Life habits of Samoyed dogs

Samoyeds like to live in groups by nature. In the endless snow, there is always a Samoyed head leading a group and will dominate and govern them. Samoyed’s leadership status is usually expressed by the following specific actions: such as allowing oneself and not allowing the other party to check the genitals of other Samoyeds, and not allowing the other Samoyed to urinate in the place where the other Samoyed has urinated. The opponent can shake his head, wave his tail, play naughty, sit or lie down in front of the leader, and stop when the leader leaves. After the level advantage is clear, the hostile state disappears and begins to become friends. Therefore, the owner should erect the image of the leader, not to be too pampered, so that the Samoyed thinks it is the head dog. Samoyed has a strong conception of the domain and is used to peeing to mark its “sphere of influence.”

In the realm of Samoyed, it can be very arrogant, but once it reaches a strange place, especially a place with strong smell of dogs and cats, it has no guts. This is common when it approaches the animal hospital and refuses to move forward desperately, or trembles, or even drools nervously. Therefore, it often takes itself as the center, uses its own scent to mark the land boundary, and is constantly updated. A land can only belong to one or two Samoyeds or the entire dog group.

How to train Samoyed dogs

1. First of all, we have to observe when the dog squats: This determines when you train the Samoyed. For example, when I trained my dog, I observed that it always sits and waits while we eat. So I chose to train while eating. You have to find out when he likes to squat, and then plan the training.

2. Prepare food for rewards: Generally, trainers have special food to reward dogs. You can use foods that Samoyed likes, such as sausages. The food should be chopped in advance so that you can feed your dog. Don’t feed too much at one time and keep the dog half hungry.

3. Choose a good training time: The training time is required to be about 20 minutes. If your training time is too short, the dog will not be able to learn. If the time is too long, it will cause the dog’s fatigue and affect the efficiency of training.

4. Issue an instruction to squat: I usually point my finger to the ground, and the dog will squat down. You also need to think of a password or action to tell the dog to squat down. After choosing the password, you have to issue an instruction to squat down. At first, the dog can’t understand it and doesn’t know what to do. So we have to issue an instruction if the dog likes to squat, and the dog will squat down. Give food rewards at this time.

5. Repeat the process of “squatting-reward”: You issue a squat command, and then wait for the dog to squat down. If the dog squats down, give food, if not, continue to give instructions. The reward must be timely, and you can’t wait for the dog to squat for a long time before rewarding it, otherwise it will have no effect.